All available characters and their best special attack inputs

The limited-time Avenue Fighter 6 closed beta has begun and can run all through the weekend. Gamers won’t have entry to all 18 characters, nor will they’ve entry to all modes. Nonetheless, potential fighters can play informal and ranked modes, in addition to Excessive Battles with eight upcoming fighters.

With a mixture of new and returning characters in Avenue Fighter 6, these are the important particular assaults and notes about all eight World Warriors that shall be playable in Avenue Fighter 6 because the beta rolls on.

This is what gamers have to know going into their heated on-line battles this weekend.

Be aware: All particular assaults use Numpad Notation

All accessible World Warriors in Avenue Fighter 6’s closed beta

1) Ryu

The face of the Avenue Fighter franchise, Ryu is a shoto character. Shoto or Shotokan is the combating fashion for characters with entry to fireballs, dragon punches, and hurricane kicks in Capcom’s combating sport franchise. It additionally extends to different video games, however that is the place it began.


Ryu’s the premiere shoto character in Avenue Fighter 6. He has wonderful footsies due to his fireball and his poking assaults. When gamers get too aggressive, Ryu kilos them with Shoryuken (Dragon Punch). He has entry to Denjin Cost once more, which powers up his particular assaults, equivalent to Hadoken and Hashogeki.

  • Hadouken: 236P – Staple footsie/zoning assault.
  • Shoryuken: 623P – Staple uppercut and anti-air. Is invincible on wake-up
  • Denjin Cost: 22P
  • Hurricane Kick/Tatsumaki Senpyuu Kyakuu: 214K (Air OK) Wonderful combo ending assault.
  • Donkey Kick: 234K – Good combo ender.
  • Stage 1 Tremendous: 236236P
  • Stage 2 Tremendous: 214214K
  • Stage 3 Tremendous: 236236P

2) Ken

Like Ryu, Ken gives a rushdown, mixup-style sport as a substitute. Ryu needs to maintain folks at bay and depend on the basics; Ken pushes folks round and kicks them repeatedly at a wide range of angles.


His Loopy Kicks (Jinrai Kick) are again, permitting this character an much more irritating mixup vary. He’s going to really feel acquainted to traditional gamers, bringing lots of his earlier instruments to Avenue Fighter 6. The mixup kicks are again, and so is his SF5 sprint setup. He’s much more aggressive than Ryu and has an pleasurable all-around play.

  • Dragonlash Kick: 623K -EX model (KK as a substitute of Ok) makes an opponent bounce off the bottom, letting you comply with up with extra combos.
  • Dragon Punch: 623P
  • Hadouken: 236P
  • Hurricane Kick (Air OK): 214K -Multi-hit model of Ryu’s Tatsu.
  • Jinrai/Loopy Kick: 236K, then both 6LK, 6MK, or 6HK
  • Fast Sprint: KK – You possibly can comply with up the sprint with an uppercut, a Dragonlash kick, or any common kick for various property strikes.
  • Goal Combo 1: MP,HP
  • Goal Combo 2: MK,MK,HK
  • Stage 1 Tremendous: 214214K
  • Stage 2 Tremendous: 236236K
  • Stage 3 Tremendous: 236236P
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3) Chun-Li

Chun-Li has modified in some main methods in Avenue Fighter 6 and is now a “stance character.” By activating her Serenity Stream, she alters into a brand new stance, providing new strikes and choices to go on the offense. She’s a extra superior character, constructed round a powerful footsie sport.


An excessive amount of her traditional moveset returns, however she is a complete new character within the Serenity Stream stance. Chun-Li may also batter folks within the air with lethal air combos and juggles. She’s going to take some apply, however the brand new Chun-Li is great.

  • Kikouken: 4(2secs)6P – Fireball for zoning and footsies.
  • Lightning Legs: 236P – Combo-ender.
  • Serenity Stream: 214P – use this to get to her new stance, which opens up new strikes for her to make use of.
  • Hassanshu: 214K – Overhead particular.
  • Spinning Chicken Kick: 2(2secs)8K – Combo ender, and knocks down.
  • Up Kicks: 22K
  • Air Goal Combo (Air Solely): HP,HP
  • Air Throw (Air Solely): LP+LK. The perfect anti-air within the sport is again!
  • Flip Kick: 3HK
  • Ahead Spin Kick: 6HK
  • Head Stomp (Air Solely): 2MK, then 2MK, then 2MK – Could be adopted up 2 occasions if the primary one hits.
  • Stage 1 Tremendous: 236236P
  • Stage 2 Tremendous: 236236K
  • Stage 3 Tremendous: 214214K

4) Guile

Gradual and protracted, Guile is an incredible character for gamers who like turtling. Turtling is a method the place gamers play defensively, block, and drive gamers to return at them. That is accomplished via his Sonic Increase assaults, and when gamers are silly sufficient to go in on him, he punishes them with combos and Flash Kicks.


Whereas he lacks offensive choices in Avenue Fighter 6, he at all times forces opponents to play his sport. He’s irritating and hard-hitting. The technique shall be to make the opposite gamers second-guess their actions after which pound them.

  • Sonic Increase: 4(2 seconds)6P – Quick projectile and really low restoration. You possibly can maintain 1 to retailer the cost whereas blocking.
  • Flash Kick: 2(2 seconds)8K – You possibly can retailer the cost by holding 1 so you may block.
  • Sonic Blade: 214P – Observe up this stationary blade with a Sonic Increase for a 2-hit projectile.
  • Air Throw (Air Solely): 6LP+LK or 4LP+LK
  • Burning Straight: 4HP
  • Guile Excessive Kick: 3HK
  • Knee Bazooka: 4LK – Wonderful ahead momentum as you retailer cost in your Sonic Increase/Flash Kick.
  • Stage 1 Tremendous: 4(2 seconds)646P
  • Stage 2 Tremendous: 214214P
  • Stage 3 Tremendous: 4(2 seconds)646K
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5) Luke

Luke, launched in SF5, is even higher in Avenue Fighter 6. He was the final character revealed within the earlier iteration of the franchise. He nonetheless has his extremely quick projectile, anti-air uppercut, and Flash Knuckle. They are often charged up for wonderful setups down the road.


He’s a shoto in Avenue Fighter 6, however with extra choices. He’s a simple character to start out with however has a excessive ceiling for superior methods and combos. Luke’s equipment isn’t in depth, nevertheless it’s additionally fairly helpful.

  • Flash Knuckle (Air OK): 214P or maintain P
  • Sand Blaster: 236P. Tremendous-fast projectile.
  • Avenger: 236K, then both P or Ok for follow-up assaults
  • Overhead punch: 6P
  • Anti-air excessive kick: 4K
  • Goal Combo 1: 6P,P
  • Goal Combo 2: LP,MP,HP
  • Stage 1 Tremendous: 236236P
  • Stage 2 Tremendous: 214214P
  • Stage 3 Tremendous: 236236K

6) Jamie

Jamie is among the new World Warriors coming to Avenue Fighter 6. He’s able to unbelievable rushdowns and mixup tech and has buffs to energy himself up even additional. That is primarily based on Bakkai, the jug Jamie retains on him always. He makes use of a method just like Drunken Boxing as nicely.


Bakkai provides two drinks, however getting it to degree 4 grants him new, higher strikes and a greater body benefit in his assaults. This permits for larger stress and gameplay potentialities. Nonetheless, he’s more durable to handle since he’s a technical character with an extra meter to handle.

  • Arrow Kick: 623K
  • Bakkai (2 Drinks): 236P
  • Freeflow Strikes: 236P, then 6P/6p,6p/6K/6K,6K
  • Luminous Dive Kick (1 Drink): Leap ahead, then 214K
  • Swagger Step: 214P, then comply with up with 6P
  • Hermit Elbow: 4HP
  • Overhead Kick: 6MK
  • Sensei Kick: 6HK
  • Goal Combo 1: 2HK,HK,P
  • Goal Combo 2 (1 Drink): LP,LK,MP
  • Stage 1 Tremendous: 236236P
  • Stage 2 Tremendous: 214214P
  • Stage 3 Tremendous: 236236P

7) Kimberly

The opposite new character becoming a member of this Closed Beta, Kimberly, will really feel very acquainted to old-school Avenue Fighter gamers. Skilled underneath Man, her assaults will really feel just like his and Zeku’s. Nonetheless, she’s acquired her personal aptitude and elegance for her ninjutsu assaults, utilizing spray paint cans to stop folks from escaping her offense.

She’s a fighter that requires you to rise up shut and private along with your foes in Avenue Fighter 6, speeding them down and touchdown highly effective assaults. By stocking Genius at Play, she will throw these spray cans like Shuriken Bombs to arrange additional aggression.

  • Air Throw Particular (air solely): 236P
  • Bushin Senpukyaku: 214K – Man’s spinning multi-hit kick
  • Genius At Play (Achieve Bomb): 22P
  • Shuriken Bomb (1 Bomb): 22P
  • Hidden Variable: 214P – Her teleport.
  • Dash: 236K, then P(Emergency Cease)/MK/HK
  • Elbow Drop (Leap Peak, Air Solely): Leap in direction of, then 2MP
  • Hisen Kick: 6HK, then 7/8/9
  • Overhead Kick: 4HK
  • Goal Combo 1: MP,HP
  • Goal Combo 2: LP,MP,HP,HK – The Man particular #2: a combo-ender.
  • Stage 1 Tremendous: 236236K
  • Stage 2 Tremendous: 214214P

8) Juri

Juri may be very a lot a jack of all trades. She blends all her greatest instruments from Avenue Fighter 4 and Avenue Fighter 5, making her a lethal footsie grasp. She strikes together with her strong attain and spacing, so gamers who need to depend on the impartial footsie sport will adore Juri Han.


Whether or not utilizing her fireball (Fuhajin) or kicking folks into oblivion, Juri appears like one of many higher characters within the Avenue Fighter 6 forged. She might be bullied with Drive Assaults. She’s acquired all of it, although. Rage, energy, a assorted toolkit, Juri’s implausible.

  • Dive Kick (Air Solely): Leap ahead, then 214K, then comply with up with Ok,Ok,Ok
  • Fuhajin (Good points Cost): 214K – This could retailer cost for her fireball and different strikes.
  • Go Ohsatsu: 236HK
  • Low Fireball: 236LK
  • Ankensatsu: 236MK
  • Air Throw (Air Solely): LP+LK
  • Korenzan: 4HK
  • Kyosesho: 6MP
  • Overhear Kick: 6MK
  • Renko Kicks: 6HP
  • Stage 1 Tremendous: 236236K or Maintain Ok
  • Stage 2 Tremendous: 214214P or Maintain P for Sprint
  • Stage 3 Tremendous: 214214K

Avenue Fighter 6 will characteristic 18 characters at launch, however solely the above characters shall be accessible for this closed beta. Avenue Fighter 6 is slated for a 2023 launch, although it doesn’t have a confirmed date.

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