Aliens could use black holes in amazing ways


The black holes have not yet revealed all their secrets to us. Terrifying to some, these amazing celestial objects continue to be a source of mystery to humanity as it tries to learn more and more about them. Maybe then we should turn to our extraterrestrial friends? Because according to the latest studies, we have a lot to learn from them and their use of black holes …

The trace of aliens

For several decades man has made it into his head to explore the universe in order to discover all its secrets. Other than that it has encountered a lot of uncertainties over time. The first thing that comes to mind is: “Are we really alone in the universe?”

Even today there are still fierce debates, since at this point in time no evidence of extraterrestrial life could be reliably and precisely proven. But maybe we didn’t get it right … it is possible, and that explains why so many studies continue to be conducted on the subject.

According to the journal Physical Review D, a new way has been discovered to highlight potential signs of extraterrestrial life and this would involve investigating black holes. By considering that aliens are able to extract energy from the base of a black hole, which among other things would explain the origin of the plasma fragments discovered by the researchers, we could ensure their existence as well as their height of civilization.

Black holes as energy sources

If several astrophysicists from different universities study the subject today, it is not the first time that we have considered the possibility that black holes can supply energy in abundance.

As early as 1969, Roger Penrose presented an interesting theory. According to him, if a particle passed near a black hole, it would split in two. One of the two parties would then be projected into the ergosphere, a region outside the event horizon. Here she acquired negative energy that would serve to extract energy directly from the black hole.

The new study, meanwhile, goes on and draws on the work of Penrose, with the difference that the scientists here believe that the particle is able to break down into a pharmacological amount of plasma. This process would be inspired by “magnetic reconnection,” a phenomenon that normally occurs on the sun’s surface.

After the plasma jet is soaked in negative energy, it would be projected into space, as is the case with stars. A theory that endures and that would explain a lot. If it turns out to be correct, it would prove that aliens exist, but also that they are particularly ahead of our civilization.