Alfie from “Emily in Paris” was a model for David Beckham and took part in “Big Brother”

Alfie from “Emily in Paris” was a model for David Beckham and took part in “Big Brother”

Additionally, actor Lucien Laviscount attempted a career in music when he released a single in 2012.

Alfie is played by Lucien Laviscount.

In the second season of “Emily in Paris”, which came out on Netflix on December 22nd, one of the big highlights is Alfie. The Brit works in a bank and gets to know the protagonist Emily (Lily Collins) in a French class (for foreign workers).

The two approach each other and begin a relationship. Only at the end of the season does Alfie tell Emily that he has to return to London. He suggests keeping the relationship at a distance, but Emily doesn’t seem too excited about this scenario. Eventually she feels the urge to return to Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) – only to find that the cook has already moved on.

Alfie is played by Lucien Laviscount. Born in Lancashire, England, he is 29 years old. For many viewers, it may be a familiar face. Laviscount was part of the cast of successful teen series such as “Grange Hill” and “Waterloo Road” as well as the soap opera “Coronation Street”.

However, his journey began much earlier. Lucien Laviscount started working as a model in 2002 at the age of ten. Lucien was at a mall with his mother when he came across one of the shopkeepers of a clothing brand that he found very beautiful – as he said in an interview on the Harry Connick Jr.

Another woman, who overheard the conversation between the ten-year-old boy and the 18-year-old shopkeeper, found the boy’s speech amusing. He explained that he was looking for young models for a new clothing line. This wasn’t just any brand: it was the DB07, made by the famous footballer David Beckham.

If he hadn’t worked with Beckham, he probably would never have become an actor. David Beckham took Lucien Laviscount aside during a photo shoot for the brand in a Marks & Spencer store. “I thought they’d send me home,” the Fox 11 Los Angeles story recalled after being called by the ace after being in a frenzy during the session.

What Beckham did was appreciate his humor and creativity when he said, “You should be an actor.” And that’s exactly what happened. Lucien Laviscount played the first role in 2002 at the age of ten in an episode of “Clocking Off”. Only later, in 2006, did he start working regularly on television. Since then, and even since his professional career, he has mainly worked for television productions and has appeared in a number of films.

Interestingly, your father had a connection to the television world. He was a personal trainer on the British television program “Gladiators”. Her family has traditionally been linked to fitness and bodybuilding – her mother was a trainer.

Even so, Lucien Laviscount was never very drawn to this universe, as he didn’t start training until he was 18 – and never with the goal of becoming a bodybuilder. “When you grew up in a gym, it was the last place you wanted to go because you left school and went there,” he said in the same interview with Fox 11 Los Angeles.

In 2012, when he was already in the entertainment field, he also tried to start a music career. In collaboration with Mann, he released the single “Dance With You” with rap and R&B sounds. The subject even had the right to practically a short film as a video clip. But Lucien (he signed his own name) never followed up on this single.

There have been several roles that have set him apart over the past few years – and that put him on the map to play Alfie in one of the most popular series on Netflix, Emily in Paris.

He became one of the main characters in “Katy Keene”, the spin-off of “Riverdale”, and was previously one of the protagonists of “Scream Queens”. In this production, co-created by Ryan Murphy (the same producer who wrote “Glee” or “American Horror Story”), the role of Earl Gray was written especially for you.

Lucien Laviscount had attended one of the auditions for a character in the series. After uploading a video from the UK, he was invited to an in-person audition with Ryan Murphy in the US. A few hours after leaving the studio, he received a call that revealed that he hadn’t taken on the role. “I was devastated. It was something I really wanted.”

Later that day, the actor received another call, this time from Murphy himself – telling him he was creating a new character especially for himself because he wanted Laviscount to star. The name was Earl Gray, in honor of the United Kingdom (alluding to the famous tea blend).

In addition, Lucien Laviscount was one of the candidates for a celebrity edition of the British “Big Brother”. The actor was one of the season eight finalists in 2011 – he finished fifth on the reality show. The participants stayed in the house for 22 days.

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