Alexandre Astier’s son made his first film

Obviously there are many talents in the Astier family. As Kaamelott: Premier Volet continues his film career, we learn that Neil Astier, Alexander’s son, has already made his first film.

A promising trailer

As the son of actors Lionel Astier and Joëlle Sevilla, Alexandre Astier enjoys working with his family. That is why he has included his parents in his Kaamelott series, as well as his stepmother Joëlle Drevon and his half-brother Simon Astier. Without forgetting his own children: Arianne and Jeanne who play the daughters of Karadoc and Mevanwi, Neil who plays Arthur as a child in Book V and in the final episode of Book VI, and Ethan, who appeared in the final episode of Book V. symbolizes Arthur’s dream of a youngster.

With Joëlle Drevon (Dame Ygerne) and Simon Astier (Yvain) absent from Kaamelott: Premier Volet, Alexandre Astier’s fans were thrilled to find six of the director’s seven children in the film, including James Astier, who plays the very youngest Trévor and Aaron Astier in the role of a Burgundian baby carried by Léodagan. What do you want, the children of Astier have the acting profession in their blood!

However, it seems that Alexandre Astier’s offspring have artistic ambitions other than just playing roles in the series and films of their talented father. In fact, today we learn that Neil Astier, who plays Arthur Young in Kaamelott: Premier Volet, made his first film. It is a short film called Bonjour Bonheur that he co-directed with Achille de San Nicolas.

The Bonjour Bonheur trailer released at the beginning of April 2021 suggests an artistically ambitious film without revealing too much about the story being told. The trailer is accompanied by an introductory sentence, to say the least.

Two relatively nice guys, after being like everyone else, they also have their bad days.

The accompanying music for the trailer is the string sextet No. 2 composed in 1964 by the German composer Johannes Brahms.

In this first film, it seems that Neil Astier and his buddy have something in common with Alexandre Astier. In fact, the film seems to speak of depression (the title seems to be an homage to Françoise Sagan’s 1954 Bonjour Tristesse), a central theme in Kaamelott.

Additionally, we can see Lionel Astier, Neil’s paternal grandfather, best known for his role as Leodagan. At the beginning of the trailer we also hear him say a line from the series: “You have a low face and a wet eye.” Replica in the series from Dame Séli (Joëlle Sevilla) to Léodagan, in the episode La Tarte aux Fraises (Book IV, Episode 4).

Viewers who watch carefully will also have noticed a black and white photo of Alexandre Astier performing in person. Does the creator of Kaamelott play a leading role in his son’s short film? Or is his absence an important element of the scenario? We ignore

It should also be noted that Neil Astier is not the only child of Alexander to stand on their own two feet. In fact, as her Instagram accounts show, Ariane Astier also seems to marry careers linked to the world of theater and cinema.

Jeanne Astier seems to have taken on the role of directing the short film Bonjour Bonheur by Neil Astier and Achille de San Nicolas.

On another Instagram post, we can see her play a role in an adaptation of The School of Women by Molière (published 1662).

Anyway, the Bonjour Bonheur trailer piqued our curiosity and we can’t wait to see what happens next in Neil and Jeanne Astier’s careers. We remind you that Simon Astier, Alexandre’s half-brother, whom we know among other things as the writer and director of the award-winning Hero Corp series, is about to release his brand new series, which will be WarnerMedia’s first original French series. Otherwise, among the new talents, we strongly recommend that you watch the pole dance demonstration by Jean-Christophe Hembert, the interpreter of Karadoc.

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