Alexandre Astier’s film has just won a big win

The Knights of the Round Table made their comeback on July 21, and if they still haven’t found the Grail, Alexandre Astier’s troops have just won a major victory.

Arthur’s triumphant return

The wait will have been long but rewarding. After putting our patience to the test, Kaamelott: Premier Volet finally hit theaters on July 21st. Twelve years after the final episode of Book VI was published, Arthur returns to the kingdom of Logres at the age of ten, to the delight of fans.

If Kaamelott: Premier Volet was promised an impressive success on paper, Alexandre Astier couldn’t win anything for the film due to the health context. The SND, which distributes the film, also made the decision in 2020 to postpone the film’s release to a long, unspecified date while facing the second prison sentence ordered by the French government on October 30th. Today the film was released in an environment that is still as difficult as introducing a health passport.

However, fans of Alexandre Astier have something to celebrate: despite the fact that the film hit cinemas on the day the health pass was introduced in cultural venues, which led to a drastic drop in the number of admissions. , Kaamelott: Premier Volet is a huge success and will be the most successful film at the French box office by 2021.

As the medieval fantasy film approaches 2 million viewers (1,904,876 were recorded as of Wednesday August 13), Kaamelott: Premier Volet becomes the cinematographic event of the year, triumphing over Hollywood films. One thinks in particular of Conjuring 3 (1,887,254 viewers since June 9), Fast & Furious 9 (1,722,593 viewers since July 14), the last film by MCU Black Widow (1,566,808 viewers since July 7) or Cruella again (1,394,278 viewers since June.) 23). A triumph and a very great victory that made Jean-Christophe Hembert, the interpreter of Karadoc and close collaborator of Alexandre Astier, happy.

Aside from the fact that this news can reassure fans about Kaamelott’s future in cinema (Alexandre Astier had linked the release of the two sequels to the success of this film), Kaamelott’s triumph is quite interesting.

In 2020, the desertification of cinemas by the Hollywood majors resulted in French productions taking center stage in France. We were able to find four French films in the 10 greatest French box office hits in 2020, including Adieu les cons, Albert Dupontel’s last masterpiece.

In 2021, French cinema won’t have exactly the same level of success in theaters, as the only French film that makes it in that top 10 (for now, it’s true) French box office is Kaamelott: Premier Volet. Even so, American cinema in France is not in great shape either, despite the fact that they are successful franchises.

This can of course be explained by several reasons, which even go beyond the introduction of the hygiene pass in cultural sites (Conjuring 3, second film at the box office, was released a few weeks earlier). In other explanations, we are witnessing a congestion of great American productions that may oppose them, especially when we consider that the health crisis could affect our film consumption over time in the cinema still die-hard who go there frequently, it is not impossible that other people who used to rarely go there now go there even less).

In any case, we are happy about the success of Kaamelott: Premier Volet. We encourage you to find out our take on the movie by reading our full review and without spoilers.

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