Alan Rickman passed away in 2016 and will soon give us the best present


In 2016, actor Alan Rickman died of cancer. This actor, who has shaped the world of cinema through his outstanding roles, has received many honors, be it Hans Gruber in Crystal Trap, Professor Snape in the Harry Potter saga or even Harry in Love Actually. And soon Rickman will give us the best parting present.

private diaries that share new information

As recently announced by The Guardian, Alan Rickman’s 27 diaries will soon be compiled and merged into one book for publication and commercialization in 2022. A compilation that “offers an incomparable insight into the daily life of an actor” remarkable “. These diaries were written by the British actor throughout his life and bring everything and everyone together his relatives or his politics included.

Harry Potter fans will also be delighted to learn that there are some anecdotes from the British actor there. It is impossible to forget that Rickman was the interpreter of the moving Severus Snape from 2001 to 2011. In his diaries he particularly shared his experiences during the shooting. The opportunity for fans of the saga to learn more about a saga they love so much.

These 27 diaries cover 25 years of his professional and private life. The memoirs, written in the early 1990s, were set to be published one day. Unfortunately, Rickman will have left us too soon, as he neither had the time nor the inclination to publish them before his death. Edited by Canongate, this book will be published as a souvenir in 2022.