Akira Toriyama reveals that this mangaka helped him create his job

The largest entertainment licenses and franchises have all of their little secrets due to their longevity and the stages that brought them to fame. Dragon Ball Z is no exception to this rule. We have just learned that the creator Akira Toriyama made a decisive contribution to the success of his shōnen in 1984.

A broad license

This year, the famous Japanese franchise Dragon Ball celebrates its 37th anniversary. An almost canonical age for a license that has spanned the centuries by being rejected by a lot of media and content, animes, OAVs, spin-offs, video games and goodies of all kinds. Today it’s one of the most profitable franchises in the world as it’s still in business, especially with the Dragon Ball Super Arc. She has also influenced a whole generation of mangakas through works like Naruto and One Punch Man.

However, Goku and his friends would never have seen the light of day. On the 37th anniversary of the license launch in 1984, the franchise’s official website played fan-service by posting an anecdote about the young Saiyan’s early days as his creator, Akira Toriyama.

Behind every great man …

We learn that the important mangaka was helped in the design of the first volume, Son Goku. So it is his wife Yoshimi Katō, a shōjo manga artist (one of the three main categories of the manga, besides the shōnen and his own, it is aimed more at a young female audience, through the topics of romance, magical girls or just sport), which helped him with the drawing of several panels, especially on the first pages.

It was Toriyama himself who revealed this anecdote and announced that his wife had taken over part of the background of the book:

The background of the featured board? In fact, I barely had time to illustrate the first few pages, including this one, so my wife did a lot of it. She used to be a shōjo artist, so her designs were way prettier than mine.

In fact, through these backgrounds we notice a different style, very meticulous and close to the “Chinese style”. This aesthetic and these landscapes also made the Manga stand out and opposed the tendencies of other shons of the time. If the name Yoshimi Katō (aka Nachi Mikami) is not known in the west, it is because his work was never really exported outside of the lands of the rising sun. However, his quality was critically important in helping Dragon Ball stand out and gain recognition right from the start. So she contributed to the drawings of the first volume and enabled her husband to finish his work on time.

In addition, Akira Toriyama recently spoke about the strongest form of Buu, ending this sensitive debate.

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