Aiwanger: Greens practice “bullying against men” | free press


“Demonize eating meat, don’t drive, climate, climate, climate”: The head of the Free Voters hands out to the Greens. Aiwanger is especially furious about the efforts to achieve greater equality.

Munich (dpa) – Free Voters head Hubert Aiwanger has accused the Greens of “bullying men” with their gender equality policies.

“You have to apologize to them because you’re a man. The Greens do not practice equality, but rather bully men, “said the Bavarian economy minister and deputy prime minister in an interview with the” Tagesspiegel “. The Greens have become a party of intolerance, Aiwanger said. “Demonize eating meat , don’t drive, climate, climate, climate. However, we need pragmatic solutions instead of a guilty conscience and fear of the future.”

Make party arrangements “more family-friendly”

To reduce the structural disadvantage of women in politics, Aiwanger suggested: “For example, the dates of party events could be made more family-friendly and women could be even more encouraged to declare themselves ready. Many women have more to offer than men who give great speeches. But women are often more reserved. They often avoid quarrels and men push through. We have to take that into account in politics.”

Women can be promoted specifically, but a quota is wrong when viewed individually.

Aiwanger described the term “old white men”, with which critics objected to what they saw as a privileged position of the population, as “racism in its purest form”. One should not make men feel guilty just because they are men. “That’s intolerance towards men.”