Ai Weiwei arrives in Porto with a sculpture over 30 meters (and beyond)


Ai Weiwei arrives in Porto with a sculpture over 30 meters

The inspiration for the work came from an endangered tree of Brazilian origin.

Ai Weiwei now has two shows in Portugal.

From July 23, Friday, you can admire Ai Weiwei’s new exhibition in Porto. The Chinese artist, who already has an exhibition at Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon, is now exhibiting his work in Serralves.

“Entrelaçar” – this is the name of the artist’s exhibition in Porto – will culminate in the first public exhibition of the over 30 meter high piece “Pequi Vinagreiro”, created between 2018 and 2020. The inspiration for the work comes from a tree (of the same name) originally from Brazil, which is currently critically endangered.

The exhibition will include the Serralves museum and park area. In statements to “Lusa”, quoted by the “Observer”, Phillipe Vergne, the museum’s director, said that the huge piece will be on view around Thursday until July 2022. As you walk through the park, you can find other pieces, including iron Weiwei.

“I pinch myself every time I go there. You start a project and hope for the best, but for the artist, for us here, it’s so rewarding to see, ”Vergne admitted to“ Lusa ”. “At that moment, it is possible to take a train and see the full range of Ai Weiwei’s work,” he added.

The construction of the “Pequi Vinagreiro” was documented and is also shown in the exhibition of the Chinese artist. The works “Duas Figuras” and “Mutuophagia” can also be seen.

If you want to get to know the artist better, just read this NiT article where we tell you his story as well as that of the exhibition in Lisbon.