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After your sex education, discover this new series about female pleasure that is sure to make a splash

The Sex Education franchise was a huge hit in France, thanks in particular to the talent of some of its actors, including the popular Emma Mackey (who plays the role of Maeve). Some netizens who took our personality test to see which series character matched them in the colorful universe of Netflix also came across the character of Maeve and loved it (which is easy to understand given the temperament and importance of the character in the series ). If the main character of the Sex Education series is Otis, a new Netflix series will focus on all-female characters. We’re taking stock of this brand new series.

The new Netflix series for female pleasure

The Sexify franchise is the latest news from the Netflix platform as it is only available today, April 28th, 2021. Sexify comes straight from Poland and allows us to follow the story of Natalia, a software developer who is still in studies, surrounded by her friends Monika and Paulina, decides to create an innovative sex application as part of a competition .

The only problem is that Natalia is not sexually active (which in turn reminds us a little of Otis in sex education). Directed by Piotr Domalewski and Kalina Alabrudzinska, the Sexify range therefore reveals all the work that can be hidden behind the creation of an application that optimizes female pleasure. Natalia will be able to count on the help of Monika, who in turn has a fulfilling sex life.

Regarding the casting, we find Sandra Drymalska, Aleksandra Skraba and Maria Sobocinska, three young actresses who are still unknown in France. And on the soundtrack side, we appreciate an electro-pop style that goes well with the spirit of the series.

What is the Sexify series really worth?

The series is intentionally as colorful as it is disrespectful. The fact that the three main heroines do not have the same relationship with sexuality at all makes it possible to take multiple points of view and makes it easier to put yourself in the shoes of one or the other. Under the guise of light entertainment, the series deals with serious issues such as everyone’s right to control their bodies.

We also need to remember the context in which the Sexify series appears. Poland is currently at a crucial stage in its history regarding the right to abortion, as the Constitutional Court decided in October 2020 to restrict access to abortion. After this hardening, an abortion in Poland can only be carried out after rape or if the mother’s health is directly threatened. Previously, when the fetus has a high likelihood of disability or incurable deformity, an abortion could be approved, but it is no longer the case. The Sexify series therefore appears in a certain context, at a time when the struggles of women in Poland are being called into question.

On our side we are curious: Do you want to discover the Sexify series with the presented summary? Do you think you will see it at some point or, on the contrary, do you think the series has no chance of pleasing you? We’ll let you answer this question through our survey as well as in the comment area. And if you’re not interested in the series, you can always count on the new releases for May coming out on Netflix very soon.


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