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After working at SIC, Liliana Santos is back at TVI

After her time at SIC, Liliana Santos is back at TVI

The actress will start recording a new soap opera as early as September, the TV station announced.

In addition to acting, he had several projects.

Liliana Santos made her TVI debut in 2004 in two of Queluz de Baixo’s most successful series: “Inspector Max”, where she played Cristina; and “Morangos Com Açúcar” in which he played Lisa. After a few years at SIC, the actress is returning to her roots.

“Between 2004 and 2012 the actress breathed life into several prominent roles in various fictional projects, such as the charismatic Tininha in ‘Espírito Indomável’, a recently reissued soap opera by the station,” says the station.

However, Liliana Santos’ career was far from stopped in the years she was away from TVI. On the station Paço de Arcos he took part in the soap operas “Nazaré”, “Alma e Coração” and “Mar Salgado”.

At the same time, the actress also had projects in various fields. In the fashion world, for example, she created her own brand: Maisha, through which she sells bikinis made from recycled and sustainable materials. Liliana Santos has also worked in the field of philanthropy, where she became an ambassador for the O Século Foundation, an organization with several initiatives such as O Século Kitchen, which provides food to families and the needy.

As for her future on the channel, the broadcaster announces that the actress “will now have a new role in another major fiction project on TVI, with recordings scheduled to begin in September”.


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