After Tyler Rake, this new action movie hits the mark in just two days


Some internet users are eager to find movies that will get their adrenaline pumping. Recently, the Netflix platform has made several full-bodied action films available to this type of audience. For example, in the zombie genre, we can lead the Army of the Dead. Today we advise you not to be interested in fantastic creatures, but in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). On the way to the youngest of Netflix, who already talks a lot about him.

A new fight movie flying on Netflix

At the moment, the Polish film Bartkowiak is exploding in Netflix trends. Bartkowiak, which was released on the platform on July 28th, is a Polish film full of action and drama that has a little police side that is not awkward. Many French have seen it before as it is currently the second most viewed action film on the platform.

The synopsis for this feature film is as follows: Tomek Bartkowiak, a young MMA fighter, learns of his brother’s death and decides to put his career aside to resume family activities (e.g. a nightclub). Gradually, however, it becomes clearer: his brother did not die of natural causes, but was murdered. Tomek goes in search of his brother’s murderer in order to satisfy his thirst for revenge.

The film Bartkowiak promises you wonderful, very intense fight scenes straight from the east. What else is the film really worth? We can give you our opinion on this matter.

Bartkowiak, what is it worth?

First, let’s talk about casting. Director Daniel Markowicz deliberately brought in many Polish actors for this film, and the young Jozef Pawlowski (who plays the role of the main actor Tomek) carries the film alone. Overall, the feature film is quite enjoyable if you are fooled by the “dark nightclub atmosphere” and like fight scenes (and also MMA). For our part, Bartkowiak didn’t really enchant us, and if we are to believe the reviews of the feature film, it seems the same for many internet users, as the film currently has a score of 5/10 on IMDb.

A film that stays and appeals to fans of the genre without revolutionizing the codes of action films. And for your part, are you planning to see the film Bartkowiak in the next few days? We’ll let you answer this question through our comment section as well as through our survey! And if you want to discover more upcoming productions, read our article with all the Netflix news for August 2021.