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After this scandal, unsubscribe requests increased

The #1 music streaming platform, Spotify is currently in turmoil. As singer Neil Young threatens to withdraw his entire discography from the platform, the latter is facing an unprecedented wave of unsubscribes.

The scandal is rocking Spotify

Spotify may have more than 170 million subscribers and dominate the music streaming market, but that doesn’t stop it from finding itself in the heart of a storm. If the platform’s popularity is mainly based on its extremely rich catalog of music, it also offers many shows and other podcasts. Also, it is one of the latter that is currently in controversy. In fact, American actor, author, and radio host Joe Rogan presents The Joe Rogan Experience. Very persecuted, the man took the opportunity in particular to present his point of view on the Covid 19 crisis and on vaccination.

This is where the problems start, as Rogan clearly does not encourage his community to get vaccinated. A finding that worries many health professionals, as more than 200 of them have denounced his irresponsibility. Relatively weighty words that Spotify would probably never have caused a reaction. But singer Neil Young, who has almost six million monthly listeners on the platform, decided to take drastic measures to take over the case. For the past few days, he has been threatening to remove his entire discography from the streaming service if nothing is done.

A growing controversy

While awaiting concrete action from Spotify, Neil Young has received support from many artists. Country singer Joni Mitchell announced a few days ago that she was leaving the platform. Others, like the hugely popular James Blunt, are also at risk of dropping out. An unprecedented movement that many users are also following. According to the renowned lawyer Tristan Snell, unsubscribe requests have literally exploded in the past few days. Though he doesn’t give a number, he says the number of complaints is so high that “Spotify won’t let people cancel their subscriptions anymore.” A very limited practice when proven.

BREAKING – Spotify will no longer allow subscriptions to be canceled.

January 28, 2022

When he mentions the possibility of a technical glitch, the coincidence still seems a bit big. It also appears that while not all users are affected, a large number of them are still unable to complete their unsubscribe requests. Apparently, nothing officially leads us to conclude that these massive unsubscribes are directly related to the ongoing controversy. But here, too, the coincidence seems to be a bit large.

For his part, Neil Young has managed the second one and is now directly asking Spotify users to leave the platform. In return, he offers to offer them a free subscription to Amazon Music every four months. For his part, alleged anti-vaccination opponent Joe Rogan received surprising support from Hollywood star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson after the apology video he posted on his Instagram account. Proof that the scale of this case continues to intensify.


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