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after The Lion King, Dumbo and Mulan, this other childhood classic will have its live action

We know Disney loves live-action remakes, and we’ve proven that recently with Cruella, for example. And today we learn that Disney isn’t done yet, as a new live-action remake is being offered to us soon.

A new live-action remake

Disney’s new live-action remakes and reboots are sure to continue! In fact, on Thursday January 20th it was reported that a new adaptation of The Aristocats was in the works. The screenplay is being written by Will Gluck, Peter Rabbit and Keith Bunin. Will Gluck will produce the film through Olive Bridge Entertainment. The project is reportedly currently in “so early a stage of development” that it’s not yet known if the film will be released in theaters or on the Disney+ streaming service. The film’s aesthetic, particularly in relation to the animals, will be similar to that of the live-action film Lady and the Tramp, available on Disney+.

Based on the animated film released by Disney in 1970, The Aristocats follows a family of Parisian cats who discover they will inherit their owner’s fortune. When the owner’s jealous butler kidnaps them and leaves them in the country, they must team up with a recognizable Tom toy to get home.

Mixed reactions accompanied this announcement

Richard Sherman, who co-wrote some of the film’s songs, told Entertainment Weekly in 2012:

It is extremely heartwarming and exciting to see new generations of people singing and enjoying the songs we wrote so many years ago (…). You are very special to us. And of course, any writer who’s lucky enough to be involved in a great work like a movie directed by Walt Disney is, well, lucky because he never dies. (…) For example, I love to see my grandchildren glued to the TV when they watch The Aristocats. They love watching it. They say, “Grandpa, you wrote that, didn’t you?” And I answer: “Yes, it’s me!”

On Twitter, some netizens have already commented on the news, and most of those who have responded have doubts about the quality of the live action to come, or take it with humor:

Forgiveness ?! I refuse ! They already massacred the lion king, which I didn’t want to see, please leave the Aristocats and Marie alone ;;

January 21, 2022

The Aristocats live remake where Thomas O’Malley is played by a black man who’s sick of being politically correct even though we can’t wait to see Duchess fucked anyway #Fisney pic.twitter.com /JBPWRz9xQa

September 19, 2019

And you, what do you think? Excited to discover this future live-action remake of The Aristocats? We’ll let you answer this question via our comments section and via our poll! And if you want to know why Disney adapts all of its classics in live action, you can consult our previous file on the subject.


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