After The Last of Us 2, this Playstation exclusivity leaked prior to its release


The more is expected of a work, the more difficult it is to keep its secrets and prevent leaks of all kinds. This time it is a particularly anticipated Playstation exclusivity.

Playstation leaks, a curse?

Whether in the film, music or video entertainment industry, leaks are the order of the day and also tend to circulate very quickly via social networks. Video games are obviously no exception to this rule. So when it comes to exclusive flagships of a console that all projectors are aimed at, it is difficult to avoid certain leaks, as the Playstation witnessed again.

“Again”, because in 2020 the manufacturer was already struggling with monumental – and proven – leaks for one of its most anticipated games, The Last of Us Part II. The script, gameplay videos, much of Neil Druckmann’s project and the Naughty Dog teams have all been released. This time around, the leaks aren’t that dramatic, but they still relate to a highly anticipated title, Horizon: Forbidden West.

First pictures and a game already available

While Horizon: Forbidden West will finally land in its PS5 and PS4 versions in just over a month, it is the second to be cracked by what appears to be a console user that was jailbroken, i.e. the bugs exploited and security bypassed could be. As a result, several pictures quickly circulated on Twitter, which they had quickly deleted because of “copyright infringement”, which means that they were actually pictures from the game and not fakes.

Primeras imágenes In-game-próximo juego “Horizon Forbidden West” is the version of the imágenes sound of “PS4”. #HorizonForbiddenWest # PS4 #Leaks

January 10, 2022

To the delight of the clever man behind it, the cracked version of Horizon: Forbidden West would be a version with the full content of the final game and only certain artistic assets are missing. At the moment, the hacker has apparently no longer shared anything online via the Guerrilla Games software, the upgrade of which between PS4 and PS5 will be free for the last time, unlike previously announced.

However, if you want to make sure you don’t get spoiled before the game launches on February 18th, head over to your favorite social networks.