After The Lady’s Game, this new miniseries is a hit after only 4 days of broadcasting


The Lady’s Game was a hit with Netflix, which has since offered its viewers several new miniseries. Today we wanted to tell you about the new miniseries which immediately entered Netflix’s top 3 and which is sure to continue its meteoric rise in the coming days.

The mini-series that is a hit right now

The miniseries that is currently a hit on Netflix is ​​called The Serpent and has been aired since April 2, 2021. We are following in the footsteps of this miniseries of Charles Sobhraj, a serial killer who haunts Western tourists who traveled to South Asia in the 1970s.

On the casting page, we find Tahar Rahim, as charismatic as he bluffs in his role as Charles Sobhraj, and Jenna Coleman, who plays the role of Marie-André Leclerc (known as “Monique”). This miniseries, which comprises a total of 8 episodes, previously aired on the BBC (January 2021) and then had recorded no fewer than 31 million views. Interestingly, The Serpent miniseries is based on a true story, as Charles Sobhraj actually existed; It was even a French serial killer.

Charles Sobhraj, called “the snake”

Charles Sobhraj was born in 1944 and multiplied minor crimes in France in his youth before leaving the country for Asia. The series proposed by Netflix comes back more precisely to his stay in Thailand in 1975. Charles Sobhraj then presented himself as a gem dealer and had a dozen young tourists who had the misfortune to cross, drugged, robbed and killed his way.

These crimes were committed with the help of his companion at the time, Marie-Andrée Leclerc. The one we began with the nickname “The Serpent” also raged in India and Nepal and claimed the deaths of around twenty people. To know the rest of the events it is still best to discover this story with this new miniseries that is definitely a huge hit in France.

What’s the Snake Miniseries Really Worth?

First of all, we must greet Tahar Rahim’s performance in The Serpent. The actor himself admitted in a previous interview that he always “wanted to explore evil in a character” and it’s safe to say that he did it very well.

There are still some historical flaws like the fact that Marie-André Leclerc was from Quebec while British actress Jenna Coleman speaks with an accent that has absolutely nothing to do with Quebec. On the press side, opinions are mixed, but the reception on social networks has been extremely positive. In fact, internet users were especially thrilled when they discovered this new miniseries, as evidenced by these few tweets:

What is that Netflix master class with Tahar Rahim over there “The Serpent”?
Plus, it’s a BBC miniseries!

The thrill of the 1st episode there

I almost missed it, it will go live on the channel in the next video!

April 3, 2021

The new Netflix series “The Serpent” with Tahar Rahim is very, very difficult. I advise you

April 3, 2021

I thought I had to take a little break from the playoffs. But for the past few days I’ve devoured Drive to Surviv (Netflix), The Serpent (Netflix), Season 2 of Hippocrates (Canal +). The 3 reminded me of why I loved the show so much for a variety of reasons.

April 5, 2021

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