After the harassment and operations, Brendan Fraser returns to Hollywood


After the harassment and operations, Brendan Fraser returns to Hollywood

After the depression, the actor got important roles for the next time and there is already talk of a brenaissance.

He was the protagonist of “The Mummy”.

Brendan Fraser was a star in Hollywood in the 90s and early 2000s. He was the protagonist of the films “The Mummy”, “George – The King of the Jungle” and took part in productions such as “Collision”. Then it disappeared. It’s not that he stopped working, but he started participating in fewer projects – and mostly films and series with less relevance and less media coverage.

Over the past 15 years, many fans have wondered what would have happened to the American actor. Part of the answer came in a long article in GQ magazine published in 2018. Amid the #MeToo movement, Brendan Fraser revealed that he was harassed by an industry manager in 2003 and that the incident was traumatic.

“His left hand came from behind, grabbed my buttocks, put one of his fingers between the anus and genitals. And it started to move, ”the actor said of being molested by Philip Berk, then president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the organization of the Golden Globes. Fraser felt fear and panic until he could finally pull Berk’s hand away from his body.

“I felt sick. I felt like a kid. It was like something was clogging my throat. I thought I was crying. It felt like invisible ink had been thrown at me.” At home, he said what had happened to his wife, but only spoke about it publicly in 2018. “I didn’t want to deal with what made me feel.”

Even so, he reported what had happened to the HFPA through his agents, who requested a written apology. Philip Berk wrote a letter in which he admitted touching Fraser but that it was a joke, with no sexual intent, and that he had done nothing wrong. According to the actor, the HFPA also pledged to never leave Berk and the actor alone in a room.

“I got depressed.” He told himself he deserved what had happened. “I blamed myself and felt unhappy.” The experience made him “withdraw” and feel “lonely”. After 2003, he was rarely invited to participate in the Golden Globes. And it became a name because it is less and less in demand in Hollywood. Philip Berk continued to be a prominent member of the HFPA – and the organization’s behavior has been so criticized that the gala that year was not attended by public figures or televised.

In another interview with SiriusFM in 2019, he was asked if he felt he had been blacklisted by Hollywood after reporting the harassment case. “I don’t know if I would use that term to describe it, but I know that there is a point in every career where the phone stops ringing.”

In the same “GQ” article, Brendan Fraser pointed out another problem that he would have to grapple with over the next several years. Because of the action movies and the grueling physical maneuvers he had to perform, his body began to feel the workload. A series of injuries eventually resulted in the actor having to undergo multiple operations.

“I had to have a laminectomy. The lumbar spine couldn’t take it, so they had to do it again a year later. ”He also had to replace part of his knee, and he had to do other operations on his back and even his vocal cords. He spent a total of seven years in and out of hospitals. “I felt like the horse in ‘A Quinta dos Animals’ whose role was to work, work and work. He worked for the good of everyone, asked no questions, caused no trouble until it killed him … “


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In the past few years, several online communities of Brendan Fraser fans have emerged who are calling for “Brenaissance” – the rebirth of his career. It’s impossible to tell how relevant the role of the fans was, but the truth is, that’s exactly what happened to the now 53-year-old actor.

First he was confirmed as the lead actor in “The Whale”, the next film by director Darren Aronofsky (the filmmaker responsible for “Life Is Not a Dream”, “Black Swan” or “The Wrestler”).

He’s going to play a man who weighs 150 pounds. He will play a reluctant English teacher struggling with severe obesity as he tries to reconnect emotionally with his teenage daughter. It is his last chance for the salvation he is so desperately seeking. The professor left the family to be with his gay lover. After his death, the grief led him to compulsively eat until he reached the enormous weight.

He then played a relevant role in No Sudden Move, a Steven Soderbergh film (which has not yet premiered in Portugal) with actors such as Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro, Kieran Culkin, David Harbor and Jon Hamm.

It was also confirmed in the movie “Batgirl”, where he will play the villain of the story alongside Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton and JK Simmons. And will star in the comedy “Brothers” with Josh Brolin, Peter Dinklage and Glenn Close.

The highlight, however, was the announcement of his participation in “Killers of the Flower Moon”, the next film by Martin Scorsese, in which he will be seen alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Jesse Plemons, among others.

It was a conversation with a fan on a social network and when he mentioned this project he explained how many people cheered him online. Brendan Fraser couldn’t hold back the tears and simply thanked him for the support. The “Brenaissance” is real and it is happening. And musician Nick Lutsko even made a song called “Brendan Fraser is Back” to celebrate that moment.

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