After the film comes a series of “O Crime do Padre Amaro”


After the film comes a series of “O Crime do Padre Amaro”

José Condessa and Bárbara Branco will play the protagonists in this remake of Eça de Queirós’ work.

After the Mexican adaptation in 2002 and the Portuguese film “O Crime do Padre Amaro” from 2005, the screen shows again: This time Eça de Queirós’ work is being adapted for a series on RTP. The recordings have already started in the Leiria area.

There’s no scheduled release date yet, but there will be six episodes. It is played by Leonel Vieira and the protagonists are interpreted by José Condessa and Bárbara Branco (a couple of actors who have already worked together on other projects).

The cast also includes José Raposo, Filomena Gonçalves, Miguel Raposo, Emilia Silvestre, Natália Luiza, Diogo Martins, Marina Albuquerque, Carla Vasconcelos and Vânia Naia.

The book “O Crime do Padre Amaro” was published in 1875. It tells the story of the romance between a priest named Amaro and a young woman named Amélia. The forbidden relationship will lead to tragic events while the role of religion and morality will be called into question. The 2005 Portuguese film was directed by Carlos Coelho da Silva and starred Jorge Corrula and Soraia Chaves.