After the book, “Os Filhos da Droga” is the new HBO series

After the book, “Os Filhos da Droga” is the new series from HBO

The television production accompanies six young people from Berlin between temptation and risk.

Book was a bestseller.

It is very likely that there is still a copy of “Os Filhos da Droga”. The book was written by the journalists Kai Herrmann and Horst Rieck in collaboration with Christiane F. and is a report on their descent into the world of drugs and prostitution during puberty. The book was originally published in 1978, and the first Portuguese edition appeared on bookshelves three years later.

For the past four decades the book has earned consecutive national editions. It is a serious case of literary success. For many readers, it was one of the first adult readings, a kind of book that is even better discovered in adolescence. In the first three years after leaving Germany, it was the country’s biggest bestseller and today it is available in 30 different languages.

“We Children From Bahnof Zoo” is the new series from HBO that uses this universe of “Os Filhos da Droga” (whose original title is “We Children from Bahnhof Zoo”) to introduce us to a group of children in a timeless Berlin . The series premiered on HBO Portugal this Saturday, February 27th.

The book had already been adapted to the cinema in 1981, in a film in which David Bowie was in the cast – who lived in intense Berlin for a few years – and the then young Nadja Brunkhorst in the role of the protagonist Christiane.

On the series, Christiane returns to the top with Jana McKinnon taking over the role, but “We Children From Bahnof Zoo” extends this dangerous journey of discovery to more teenagers. On the tempting night in Berlin we find Christiane, Stella, Babsi, Axel, Michi and Benno.

The different faces of Berlin.

The connection to the first film adaptation with David Bowie is anything but awkward. The children were fans of the musician, Christiane’s first experience with heroin was at a David Bowie concert and those responsible for the musician’s legacy, producer David Bowie Estate, participated in the project. “Bowie” is also the name of one of the episodes that we can discover now.

There is a world of nonchalance, seduction and a fascination for risk in which the youth are particularly wasteful. But this Berlin is a city in which, behind lights, colors, music and animation, there is also a world full of risks.

The young cast is one of the main features of We Children From Bahnof Zoo, but the series also shows the contrast between the nightlife of clubs, discos and drugs and the everyday life of children aimlessly. This world of doom is also accompanied by a soundtrack that contains original songs by pioneering electronics producers Robot Koch and Michael Kadelbach.

The series is the work of Philipp Kadelbach, who is also a director, and shows Annette Hess as the main author and creative producer. As a curiosity, Philipp Kadelbach’s previous project was a Netflix series entitled “Perfume”, inspired by another literary success of Germanic origin, written by Patrick Suskind.

The first season of “We Children From Bahnof Zoo” has eight episodes and is also another sign of the strength of current European production in the series world. The budget for this first season will be around 25 million euros. Each episode lasts approximately 50 minutes.

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