After the anxiety attack on “The Voice,” Filipa made a song about the incident


It all happened in November 2018. Filipa Faria, one of the participants at the time of “The Voice Portugal”, RTP1’s music competition, began to feel a heart attack. “My eyes were too open, my eyelids were completely glued on, I had the feeling that they were taking my heart out … I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat during these two days, I lost four kilos,” he explains to NiT.

It was, in fact, a strong anxiety attack. The experience was crucial and a few weeks later led to Filipa Faria writing her first letter. The result comes two and a half years later: It is the new song by the band Times of Trouble (whose singer and lyricist is Filipa), “Change”, which was presented to the public on May 9th.

Filipa Faria, 31, was born in Braga and has always considered music to be her greatest passion. In “The Voice Portugal” he did not have a very long participation. In the blind test, she presented the topic “You and I” by Lady Gaga, which led her to stay with Anselmo Ralph’s team. And in the first battle she faced one of the finalists, Vânia Dilac. Filipa Faria got in the way after playing “(You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman),” a song popularized by Aretha Franklin.

At the time, the Braga woman was balancing the music with the work she had in the family’s butcher shop. The cut belonged to her mother, but after she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Filipa took control of the business for three years. It wasn’t what made her happy, but it was a bigger source of income than the marketing jobs she’d done before. Precisely because she was dissatisfied with her professional life, she began to take singing lessons and then decided on “The Voice Portugal”, where she already introduced herself as someone who wanted to change her life.

Two days before the battle, there was an unexpected fit of fear. “When the audience sees it, it looks like everything on the same day, but it’s recorded at two different times. The first day is the cloakroom and then we shoot, which is almost a combat entry, and so on, and then the battle is recorded on another day. About halfway through and by the end of the first day of recording, I began to feel bad. I took all of the recordings and in the end it must have been around two in the morning and it wasn’t right anymore. “

I thought there it is that I had a heart attack. “Because I’ve never had anxiety, or depression, or anything like it ever happened to me … Oddly enough, a competitor who was in the same apartment as me with regular anxiety and he said to me, you have a stroke. Fear.”

They called SNS24, Filipa explained the symptoms she was having to a nurse and was immediately recommended to go to a hospital emergency room. “This colleague of mine accompanied me … and, attention, he knew me then, he didn’t know me anywhere before, but he really realized that it could be an anxiety attack and since he was more familiar and a person is darling, he brought me to the emergency room and it was confirmed that it was an anxiety attack. They wanted to give me antidepressants but at the time I refused … But early in the morning I went to the pharmacy crying because I was really desperate and asked them to give me something to calm me down. “

Interestingly, the day after the battle he was already feeling fine. “When I was fighting I was no longer attacked.” Looking back, Filipa says that the hectic life she had to deal with these weeks caused her to develop the attack.

“I had my business at the time and it was consistent with my participation in the program. What I did was my clerk took no time off on the days I had to go to Lisbon to record and I sent her off as soon as I showed up. And it was a butcher’s shop that was open every day of the week, including Sundays, from eight in the morning to eight in the evening. I think it was a collection of situations that I came to Braga in and always worked. Then I went to Lisbon to record and I didn’t even have days off. All of this, with some nervousness in recording the fight, I think that made it possible. Which is weird because because I knew it, I was 100 percent sure it wasn’t going to happen. Since there is no comparison between me and Vânia, I was absolutely certain that she would pass. “

And he adds, “But I’ve always been very positive thinking that people with anxiety and depression are people who let go too… it was my own ignorance, I thought it could be controlled. And I never thought it would happen to me, and now I have an entirely different respect for people who go through this. “

Filipa Faria, who never had an anxiety attack again, closed the butcher shop in December 2018 following the incident. In January, he started writing his first letter, which was influenced by the attack and focused on anxiety, depression and other related topics.

“It was the first song I ever wrote. It was liberating, I had never written, I had never dedicated myself to it. In December I closed the butcher shop and had more time to devote myself to what I like, music. It was almost like throwing everything back. “

The band has released several songs.

The Times of Trouble, which also consists of Vítor Azevedo, Marco Silva, Nelson Silva and Nuno Veloso, had already contacted Filipa Faria after seeing his fight in “The Voice Portugal”. The musicians came from Santo Tirso, Vila Nova de Famalicão and Porto.

“They had been looking for a singer for a long time, they had done some auditions, but they hadn’t gone well. I said thank you very much, but said that I worked every day of the week, I didn’t have time. In the meantime, I closed the butcher shop, but strangely enough, I never remembered them again. Then they came back to contact me in February or March and I met with them and I really liked the vibe and we started to work. “

Filipa Faria wrote other lyrics that resulted in other songs in the group. In the meantime, they were working on the song that served these lyrics – and only now have they released it.

“At that moment, I felt it was appropriate to start it because we are going through a phase that no one has ever dreamed of and there are many people who have these problems, anxiety and depression. Because we’re in the house for a long time. And now we can leave the house, but there is always a fear of exaggeration, etc. “

The singer describes the process as “therapeutic”. “Now I’m very scared of giving myself something like that again. I’m a lot more sensitive to people who have these types of problems because it’s effectively something that there’s no getting around, it’s impossible. As positive and optimistic as it is, it is impossible. And music was really a way of throwing out everything I was feeling at the time. And working on it was really liberating, very good. “

At the moment the band is working on new songs that they want to release at a certain interval. “We are working on several songs, but we are not known, we are nobody. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense to release an album or an EP because nobody will care [risos]. It makes more sense to put out singles and now we want to have a job, arrange concerts wherever we go, we want to play. Also to understand how we function as a band on stage. Because we’ve been rehearsing for two years, but we don’t know how we’re going on stage, because we worked on the songs in 2019, we had concerts planned for 2020 and in March there was detention and everything was canceled. And now we’re aiming for the stars, but slowly. “

Since the butcher’s shop closed, Filipa has been working freelance in marketing and graphic design again. She was also a mother last November. Looking back, he says that despite this incident, participating in the program was one of the “best experiences” he has ever had.

“It had to do with the program, but it didn’t. It had to do with all of this travel and my time management and my physical ability to do anything. The program was spectacular, it was very cute, I keep several friends away from this edition. “

One of them is of course David Dias from the band We Find You, who was the colleague who went to the hospital with Filipa and who had already suffered from anxiety problems. He was on Marisa Liz’s team and has already worked on a song with Bárbara Tinoco.

When Filipa Faria returned to “The Voice”? “I would come back. Maybe not now [risos], but in a couple of years. From the experience itself, it was worth it. More than that because I got to know the other side behind the camera. I’ve lived with musicians, not just mentors, but those on stage who are phenomenal. And my self-esteem … I stayed a lot more confident there even though I lost. I felt super powerful singing in battle because I knew I was going but I didn’t want to know [risos]. I loved the experience. “