After Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone can also sue Disney

It is controversial how the film “Cruella” was released on the streaming platform at the same time as its cinema debut.

“Cruella” premiered at the end of May.

After the unexpected news that Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney for an alleged breach of contract related to the release of Black Widow – which debuted simultaneously on the Disney + platform and in theaters and weighed on box office revenues – it looks like it there is another famous actress considering going the same route.

According to a newsletter from the former editor of The Hollywood Reporter, quoted by Screen Rant, Emma Stone, who starred in Cruella, is considering her options as the film also had a mixed release.

The same text also mentions the name of Emily Blunt, one of the protagonists of “Jungle Cruise”, who may be on the Hollywood name list to sue Disney for damage caused by the simultaneous premiere. Many of the actors’ contracts include revenue percentages that vary based on the success of the films in theaters. Streaming makes it harder for productions to get that many viewers into theaters – and the trend towards Disney + premieres has increased with the pandemic.

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