After removing the nose, the French “Black Alien” goes even further

Physical transformations are the order of the day on the web. But some are more impressive than others, like the 41-year-old Brazilian who multiplies surgeries to look like an orc. This particular 40-year-old is not the only supporter of complete physical transformations. A Frenchman is part of the lot and is nicknamed “Black Alien”.

An extraordinary look

The 32-year-old Anthony Loffredo is originally from Montpellier and was fascinated by mutations and transformations in the human body from an early age. For some years now, the French have been multiplying operations and even tattooing the entire body, including the eyeballs. His tongue is cut in half, his nose has been pulled back so that only two nasal cavities remain, and his skull is covered with numerous protuberances.

His latest fad? Have your upper lip removed. An operation that was carried out in early January and that he absolutely shared on his Instagram account, where nearly 280,000 subscribers are following the results. Now that the transformation is 20% complete, it remains to be seen whether the final goal can one day be achieved. The “Black Alien” had to go to Spain for his nose operation.

Operating this way is forbidden in France and the French had to cross the border to continue their search for the perfect look. But its transformations have consequences. Loffredo has difficulty speaking particularly due to the removal of his upper lip. A new operation would already be planned, if we want to believe his Instagram account, it remains to be seen what is planned. Physical changes that would have made him “the happiest man in the world”.

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