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After Peter Pan and the Aristocats, it is Snow White’s turn to fall victim to the culture of demolition

The culture of demolition affects more and more the works of our childhood. After the Aristocats, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Tramp or even the Looney Tunes with Pépé le Polecat, it is Snow White and the seven dwarfs’ turn to be attacked. The reopening of Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California is the source of the discord.

The kiss of discord

In the last few months, many works from the past few years have been the focus of various controversies. We think of the Aristocats, Peter Pan or La Belle et le Trochard, who are now banned from Disney for children without parental consent because they are considered racist. We also think of Pépé le Putois, who was withdrawn from Space Jam 2 and should no longer appear in Looney Tunes because, according to part of the public, he conveys the image of non-consent and of men pushing too much on women. It is now Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs who is at the center of a controversy, particularly the scene of the kiss between Snow White and the Prince at the end of the feature film.

With the coronavirus crisis, Disneyland parks in the United States had been closed for many months. Difficult time for Disney, but who took the opportunity to work and add little novelties to some of their attractions? This is the case with the one who is dedicated to Snow White and the seven dwarfs and who was offered a facelift and a new final scene with “the true kiss of love”. A mythical scene that shaped many generations and is still controversial today. Two American journalists who visited the attraction pointed out the question of Snow White’s approval in this scene.

Indeed, the young woman is sleeping because of the poison, the prince decides to kiss her on his deathbed to say goodbye, but eventually Snow White wakes up because the spell has been broken. Today, these two reporters for the San Francisco Chronicle are wondering how Snow White could agree to fuck each other while she sleeps and suddenly what to call a real love kiss.

“Don’t we agree that consent is a big problem in early Disney films? Or that kids should be taught what to kiss unless the two parties have been determined to be ready to get involved, you understand.” It’s hard to see why Disneyland will decide in 2021 to add a stage to such backward ideas about what a man can do to a woman. “

The two journalists admit that the scene is very well done, but on the condition that it is seen as a fairy tale rather than a life lesson. You still wonder if we can’t imagine any other ending for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. On the other side of the Atlantic, this idea is already supported by many people, even if it is still a minority, and rejected by many other people who are against the abolition of the culture. On our side, we wonder if we are attacking Snow White and the seven dwarfs. What about Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philippe, who comes to kiss Aurora after 100 years of sleep?

And you ? Do you think Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs need to be changed because of this unwanted kissing scene? Take the survey and give your opinion in the comments.


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