After Oxygen, this terrifying new psychological thriller will make you sweat in a cold sweat

Online on the platform since August 8th, this thriller is already in the top 10 of Netflix, as it is currently the fifth most watched film on Netflix, ahead of Hanna. So it didn’t take long to talk about Peter Facinelli’s new feature. It has to be said that the trailer makes your mouth water and promises 2h35 of excitement.

a breathtaking psychological thriller

Just four days to get into Netflix’s top 10, this is the gun performance of the psychological thriller The Vanished, a feature film by Peter Facinelli, worn by Aleksei Archer, Anne Heche and Thomas Jane. It tells the story of a couple with no story, who see their lives turned upside down when their daughter disappears without a trace.

Here is the exact synopsis of this new thriller, which has already made a lot of talk:

Paul and Wendy take their 10-year-old daughter Taylor to a campsite by the lake for a few days of vacation. This disappears on the day of your arrival. With no evidence from the police, the investigation failed and the couple decided to take matters into their own hands. Near a campfire, they discover a sleeping man with a gun.

What do you think of The Vanished on Netflix?

In this new thriller, Facinelli stages the basic fear of all parents and puts the couple in a particularly dreaded situation: that of a child who disappears without a trace. This thriller, compact and always unpredictable (which, as you will see, offers little comfort, but leaves a lot of room for tension) manages to keep the viewer in suspense.

The film continues to gain popularity as it only appeared in seventh place yesterday. Some reviewers have noted that some plot points are easily predictable, but the film is a hit for the time being. If your heart tells you, you can also check out the trailer below:

The Vanished has therefore been available on the platform since August 8th and there is no doubt that the film should continue to gain popularity within a few days.

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