After Love and Monsters, this new post-apocalyptic film lands on the platform


If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic series and movies, you must have recently heard of Love and Monsters or Sweet Tooth, the new post-apocalyptic series produced by Robert Downey Jr. or not, it is clear that Netflix is ​​the Meets the needs of internet users who like this genre. We just learned that a brand new post-apocalyptic film is about to see the light of day, and it is already promising to be especially anticipated.

The post-apocalyptic film that will make you forget love and monsters

The new post-apocalyptic movie that should keep you going for a while is Awake, which will be released on Netflix on June 9, 2021. The summary revealed by Netflix reads as follows: After a catastrophe, humanity was stripped of all electronic devices and from sleep the world suddenly falls into chaos. Jill (Gina Rodriguez), a former soldier with a troubled past, appears to be the only one with the key to finding a universal cure: her own daughter. To sleep means to survive. We let you discover the trailer for the Awake production:

As the trailer suggests, Jill’s daughter who could still sleep would be the only cure for humanity. On the casting page, you must have seen faces that you are familiar with! We will, in fact, find Gina Rodriguez (seen in Annihilation), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Annihilation), Shamier Anderson (Stowaway), as well as the young Ariana Greenblatt who we recently saw in Love and Monsters.

our expectations regarding the wax series

We have already known several productions that have attacked the lack of sleep in humans and its disastrous consequences. Remember that more than 72 consecutive hours without closing an eye can have serious consequences for the body (although some subjects stood out because the world record is currently 11 days without sleep).

Even if the concept has already been applied, we hope that we will be surprised by the treatment. Either way, the trailer suggests that Awake will offer the viewer some stressful sequences, and this is also expected from a good post-apocalyptic production, where danger can unexpectedly come from multiple locations at the same time.

And you, on your side, would you be interested in seeing the movie Awake when it comes out? We invite you to take part in our survey as well as in the comments section! And while you wait for this new film to be released, don’t hesitate to consult the platform’s list of the 10 best post-apocalyptic films on the platform.