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After Lost, discover this new survival series that’s a hit around the world

Lost: Les Disparus was a real phenomenon in the second half of the 2000s. While its ending disappointed many viewers, it’s hard to deny the qualities of the series co-created by JJ Abrams and its influence on many works today. This is especially true for a new series that’s a hit right now and not to be missed!

A cult novel that still inspires 70 years after its publication

Have you heard of British author William Golding’s cult novel Her Majesty of the Flies? Published in 1954, it tells us about the misadventures of a group of 15 students who must survive on a remote island after their plane crashes and the pilots die. Left to their own devices, they try to organize their survival according to the social model they have always known in the civilized world. But soon that model is being shaken in favor of a much more violent and rudimentary survival.

An obvious source of inspiration for the famous series Lost, among other things, Golding’s work is above all a sharp critique between society and social organization. In short, Her Majesty the Flies skillfully mixes a pessimistic view of our world with a suspenseful story. Everything We Love, therefore, decides to take on the American series Yellowjackets, directed by Ashley Lyle (and Bart Nickerson, who had previously collaborated on Narcos).

The least we can say is that the first season was able to find its audience during its airing in the United States on the pay channel Showtime, so a second season is already on the way. Rejoice, the French public will soon also be able to discover this modernized version of Lost on Canal+!

An adaptation that takes liberties

Similar to Lost, Yellowjackets is a loose adaptation of the novel Her Majesty of the Flies. By this is meant that the second biggest hit of the Showtime channel after Dexter: New Blood, which gathered 5 million viewers in the United States every week, does not hesitate to deviate from the original work on many occasions. The first major difference concerns the characters trying to survive: while the original work is about a group of 15 boys, Yellowjackets follows the adventures of the members of a New Jersey women’s soccer team.

In France we will be able to discover it for ourselves this year on Canal+, although no exact date has been communicated. We then follow the group of young girls whose solidarity will be put to the test and whose survival will quickly revolve around a strange cult, paranormal events but also a fight against cannibalistic psychopaths that will create scenes particularly oriented towards horror.

Finally, one of the interesting aspects of the series is that it takes place in two different timelines: in the 90s when the teenage girls try to survive in the Canadian forest for 18 months, but also in 2021 when a journalist interrogates them about this traumatic experience and tries to unravel the mysteries surrounding this event.

While Yellowjackets will land here in 2022, a second season is already on the way in the US, which is also scheduled to air later this year. Stay tuned!


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