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After leaving, Jordan Peele works on the scariest film of his career!

With Get Out, his first film, comedian Jordan Peele has established himself as one of the new geniuses in horror cinema. He is currently preparing a new feature film that has already been announced as his “scariest” film.

A new expected project

Horror cinema has gone through a fascinating change in recent years. Thanks to a handful of talented filmmakers who are overflowing with ideas (concept, writing, direction): Ari Aster (Hérédité, Midsommar), Mike Flanagan (Doktor Schlaf, The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly) Manor), Robert Eggers (The VVitch, The Lighthouse) and Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us).

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From Get Out (2017), his first film, Jordan Peele has made horror cinema the ideal medium for expressing his political ideas. In this Oscar-winning film for Best Original Screenplay, Jordan Peele held up a distorting mirror to America and explored the biting irony of the delicate issue of segregation. His next film, Us (2019), was an opportunity for the filmmaker and screenwriter to explore the issue of class defectors, and the African American community in particular.

If his second feature film is generally less popular than Get Out, the trade press and viewers are impatiently waiting for Jordan Peele’s third film. A third film, little known about other than according to the director told Fangoria magazine, will be his “scariest” film. However, Universal has already announced the release date of this mystery film, which will be released on American screens on July 22, 2022. The appointment takes place.

But Jordan Peele fans can rely on it: The American director has no shortage of projects, especially thanks to his functions as a producer. After producing Spike Lee’s film BlackKklansman (2018), Jordan Peele developed the restart of the legendary series The Fourth Dimension (The Twilight Zone) for CBS, of which he is also the narrator. He was recently found in the credits of the HBO series Lovecraft Country, created by Misha Green (Underground), immersed in segregationist America where a family of African Americans battled white supremacists and Lovecraftian monsters. The series was a tremendous tribute to a century of pulp culture and horror literature.

We will also find the name Jordan Peele in the credits of Candyman from Nia DaCosta on August 25, 2021. Both a sequel and a remake of Bernard Rose’s (1992) film of the same name, Candyman will be a horror film that re-examines the place African Americans occupy in American society and will develop social issues that Peele cares about lie who also signs the scenario. The film is being carried by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who was recently spotted on the HBO Watchmen miniseries by the brilliant Damon Lindelof. Finally, Jordan recently entrusted Peele with work on a remake of the Basement of Fear, a masterpiece by Wes Craven (1991). The Hill director has eyes, talons of night and a scream. Right now, it’s not impossible that this producer remake will be Jordan Peele’s third feature film. Indeed, this is a really terrifying film that explores the usual themes of the Get Out director. A more than plausible candidate!

Especially since we can observe a real continuum between Jordan Peele’s career as a producer and his career as a filmmaker. Even beyond the fact that each time it’s terrible productions that develop similar political ideas. Indeed, each of these two careers appears to be mutually feeding. The Get Out and Us films could have been episodes from The Fourth Dimension; His work on Candyman and The Basement of Fear is a continuation of what he made available in Lovecraft Country: Jordan Peele now has two caps, that of a filmmaker who evolves the cinema from horror and that of an archivist who is a museum curator who looking for the nightmares of the past to better bring them up to date.


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