After kidnapping in Nigeria: 28 school children safe | free press

A few weeks ago, heavily armed men attacked Bethel Baptist High School in Nigeria – more than 100 children were kidnapped. Some have now been released.

Lagos (AP) – After dozens of schoolchildren were abducted in Nigeria in West Africa in early July, 28 children have been released.

At least 80 other children are still in the hands of the kidnappers, police said. The released children were found Saturday evening in the village of Sabon Gaya, the police spokesman for Kaduna state said.

According to previous information from the state government, heavily armed men attacked Bethel Baptist High School in the village of Damishi on July 5 and kidnapped the children. The president of the Nigerian Baptist community, Israel Akanji, told local reporters that the kidnappers had dropped off the children in the village. The church paid no ransom.

Major child abductions related to school robberies are common in Africa’s most populous country. Behind it are both Islamist terrorist groups such as Boko Haram and criminal gangs that want to extort ransom money.

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