After insulting a certain community, EA will change its next expansion pack

Electronic Arts regularly announces and publishes another expansion pack for its title The Sims 4. Content in ruins that will take the direction of Mount Komorebi for “snow-capped escapades”. Problem: A specific community was offended by the presence of certain content in this package. Electronic Arts will therefore modify it to try to appease the spirits.

A crime that did not pass

“Snowy Getaway”, the next expansion pack for The Sims 4, will be released on November 13th. A new series of Japanese-inspired content in which fans of the management game will find a new play area, new clothes, new objects and of course new interactions. Problem: The first version of the trailer contained inappropriate references, an insult to the Korean community. Electronic Arts therefore considered it appropriate to remove this trailer in order to bring it out in a more correct version.

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And for good reason, the first version of this trailer made it possible to spot a Sim bowing to a sanctuary while someone else takes a picture of them. In another excerpt from the same trailer, we discover a Sims having a drink in a can with a yukata on his back. But these symbols remind us of the Japanese occupation, a painful memory, especially in the countries of Southeast Asia. Korean players have called for a boycott of the game and forced the Electronic Arts teams to act quickly.

We want to be inclusive. We involve others both within and outside of our team and listen to them as representatives of the cultures that inspire us. We are unwavering in our commitment to depicting more of our players’ lives in an authentic and respectful way.

October 23, 2020

“Hello Simmers! We have updated the announcement trailer for the Sims 4 Snow Getaway Expansion Pack and made some changes to the pack out of respect for our Korean players. I wish you knew these changes are already taking effect. Play when Snowy Getaway comes out.

In particular, Sims will no longer bow to shrines in the world of Mount Komorebi. In addition, we’ve adjusted certain patterns on clothing and items in Snowy Getaway that inadvertently create images associated with painful historical significance.

We want to be inclusive. We involve other people, both on our team and outside, and listen to them as representatives of the cultures that inspire us. We are committed to portraying more of our players’ lives in an authentic and respectful way, ”said Graham Nardone, series producer, on Twitter.

The Korean community sharply criticized this DLC in special blogs such as My Game News Flash and Hachima Kikou. A boycott was even called for. It remains to be seen whether Korean gamers will really turn their backs on this new expansion pack. If you’re interested, keep in mind that Snowy Escapade will be released on November 13th.

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