After I-Robot, this new cyberpunk movie will appeal to fans of the genre


While we talk about the end of the world and the apocalypse in films and series, we imagine a virus or an invasion of zombies, in this new feature film, which has been available on Netflix since January 7th, the threat comes against which humanity fights by robots. A cyberpunk movie that is a hit on the platform and will inevitably appeal to fans of the genre.

A post-apocalyptic thriller in which androids rebel

This new movie is Mother / Android starring Chloë Grace Moretz, who plays Georgia Olsen, a young woman who has just gotten pregnant. The story takes place in the United States in the near future. Georgia doesn’t want to be a mother because she thinks she’s too young. At a college Christmas party, an android named Eli, who is part of the Olsen family, wishes a Happy Halloween rather than a Merry Christmas. Something unusual is brewing. Later, during the same party, another android becomes violent and attacks the couple. Georgia and Sam decide to flee and seek refuge in the forest. With no explanation, the human-looking robots that helped humanity rebel with no explanation.

On their escape, they discover that smartphones explode and kill their owners. Nine months later, the couple wanted to go to Boston, which was fortified and offered to transport future mothers to Asia to live peacefully. Apart from the fact that to get there you have to traverse a no man’s land populated by deadly androids.

Mother / Android offers narrative ellipses and action sequences. Even if many scenes offer long dialogues interrupted by silence, we never get bored. Chloë Grace Moretz is celebrated for her performance in the film, which also features emotional moments in a post-apocalyptic universe with a minimalist atmosphere.

Next to the actress, the audience can discover Algee Smith, who we got to see in the series Euphoria or in the movie Detroit and manages to step aside to allow Chloë Grace Moretz to wear the film. In the rest of the cast we also find Raúl Castillo, Kate Avallone and Owen Burke.

This Mattson Tomloin dystopia, which is the first feature film, was first acquired last December and aired on Hulu, is available on Netflix and has managed to climb into the top 10 most watched content on the platform in France.