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after his space flight he has a crazy idea to save the planet

When Jeff Bezos flew into space aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard ship yesterday, the billionaire saw the beauty of the earth and had a pretty crazy idea of ​​saving it from pollution.

There is only one step between madness and genius …

When he returned from his roughly ten-minute space flight, the founder of Amazon came up with the idea of ​​saving the planet from the pollution that is consuming it exponentially.

While industries are a very important part of the world’s pollution, some are suggesting reducing their carbon footprint, cutting down on their overconsumption, or even turning to renewable energies. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos has offered to send polluting industries into space. A guest on CBS This Morning said the former Amazon CEO:

“We have to move heavy and polluting industries into space to preserve this sublime treasure, the earth. It will take decades and decades, but you have to start somewhere and big things start with small steps. This is what this suborbital tourism mission enables us to do, it enables us to train ”

Since Jeff Bezos has traveled through space thanks to Amazon employees and customers, the billionaire created a monstrous carbon footprint of 200-300 tons of carbon dioxide. Although Amazon emitted 51 million tons of CO2 in 2019, the businessman said he wanted to tackle pollution on earth.

… But not for Jeff Bezos

The solution he proposed – sending polluting industries into space – would not be feasible for decades and would not even work safely. Therefore, knowing that the annual reports of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) clearly state that the earth is less than ten years old, Bezos’ solution is utterly absurd.

Indeed, to keep global warming between 1.5 ° C and 2 ° C (a level of warming that will already be of great concern), it is imperative to reach zero CO2 by 2050. This goal means that almost no more greenhouse gases are emitted and that what we emit, for example, when reforestation is offset.

If you are revolted by Jeff Bezos’ proposal to fight pollution, you will surely love to hear the reactions of internet users after the billionaire’s space flight.


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