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After her ban, the streamer rebels and calls on Twitch to stop being “cowardly”.

In just a few years, Twitch has established itself as THE reference for streaming on the web. Though competitors pushed by tech giants like Google and Microsoft have since emerged, Amazon’s streaming platform retains its crown, thanks in particular to its most popular videographers. Among his big names on Twitch, one revolves around a multitude of controversies: Amouranth. After her last suspension, the videographer has started yet another spade for Twitch.

Twitch’s most popular streamer

Since her debut in 2016, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has been the source of much controversy. Its content shares and happily plays with the limits of what Twitch allows. In addition, since July 2019, Amouranth has been suspended five times. Temporary suspensions suggesting preferential treatment for one of the most popular streamers on the platform. And with good reason, according to the Twitch Code of Conduct, “a series of bans in a row can result in a permanent ban.”

Amouranth was suspended for 3 days last October and juggles a variety of different content. Her activities are not limited to Twitch, the young businesswoman can also be found on OnlyFans, Patreon, Instagram, TikTok or even Fansly. A true media empire that has its weaknesses. Although extremely lucrative, his activities greatly affect his mental and physical health.

In a new interview for Vice, Amouranth shares her daily life, from her 12-hour daily stream to her side hustles, including her severe loneliness and her ultimate goal: opening an animal shelter. A public speech that will have allowed him to throw a nice spade at Twitch in passing.

a jab at twitch politics

During this new interview, Twitch’s most popular streamer took the opportunity to express his outrage at Twitch’s policy on temporary or permanent bans. When suspensions are imposed, videographers struggle to get clarification on the reasons for that conviction. Sometimes the suspension is due to a logical violation of Twitch’s Code of Conduct. Sometimes this suspension is more obscure. Streamers can appeal, but Twitch reserves the right to maintain this ban without providing further details on the violation that occurred.

Amouranth doesn’t mince words about this lack of transparency:

“They do this because they don’t want to be responsible for telling you what you did wrong. They don’t want to be responsible for enforcing their own policies.”

Following his most recent ban, which came in October 2021, Amouranth explains that he spent several days wondering what went wrong. In case Twitch clears this ban, the streamer could avoid the same mistake:

“You know, they didn’t seem to like my ASMR bird mask I think. But they didn’t actually tell me. Whatever I’ve done, I’ve got to find it myself – even, but obviously whatever it is, she doesn’t like it.

It’s ironic because I’m embracing my sexuality here and people struggle with that when all the games that teens and adults play on Twitch are consistently sexualized women.

Dead or Alive is women in bikinis, GTA has strippers, that’s ok. There are only real women, we can’t embrace our sexuality — not that Twitch tells me that.”

Unfortunately for Amouranth, Twitch has proven in the past that it prefers not to take a stand. Still, Amazon’s streaming platform sometimes has to step in when its users are rumbling loud enough. Such was the case with the birth of the “Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches” category, deemed necessary following the craze for the “Hot Tub Meta” popularized by Amouranth in particular.


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