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After Harry Potter, this successful work of literature will be adapted for the cinema

If the Hunger Games and Harry Potter are among the greatest commercial successes of children’s novel adaptations, a new successful literary series across the Atlantic will be rejected for its part and may well establish itself as a worthy successor to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

A great literary success

This project, which attracted the attention of the biggest American studios (21st Century Fox, Disney, Universal, Paramount), comes from the literary series Children of Blood and Bone (De Sang et de Rage in French), written by the American Nigeria was written by Tomi Adeyemi, compared to JK Rowling, and has been dubbed by several critics as the 56-year-old novelist’s heir.

Children of Blood and Bone, released in France on May 2nd, 2019, plunges us into the heart of the African country of Orïsha, which was steeped in magic until one night its king made it disappear while enslaving the Majis people. These events take place when the heroine Zélie Adebola is still a child. After growing up and discovering her own magical abilities, she decides not only to bring back magic, but also to free her people. But he must also fight his feelings of revenge, even though the Crown Prince of the Throne is willing to do whatever it takes to track her down.

bidding war

The story surrounding the film adaptation of Children of Blood and Bone is full of adventure. Originally the project was going to be carried out under the fold of Fox 2000, but when 21st Century Fox was acquired by Disney it was Lucasfilm who finally recaptured it to make a live-action film. However, the studio, founded by George Lucas and bought by the big-eared company in 2012, let the rights slip away and has now returned to Tomi Adeyemi.

A bidding war ensued between Amazon, Netflix, Universal and Paramount to bring the work to the big screen. And in this little game, it was Paramount that ended up writing the biggest check, enticing Adeyemi with its terms, which were a guarantee that the writer would have a say in creative decisions and write the screenplay, all for a lofty seven-figure salary. The film is finally coming to the cinemas.

Through these auctions, it’s a small battle that the distributors just won against the streaming giants. If success on the big screen is as dazzling as it is on paper, Paramount and Adeyemi will rub hands. Nevertheless, we know that the situation in the film industry has turned upside down since the pandemic and the SVOD alternative offered by Netflix, Disney+ and Co. Then it is important not to miss out on a theatrical release.

No filming and release date has been announced until further notice, so we’ll have to wait to find out more.

Are you familiar with this literary saga? If so, do you think its adaptation for cinema could be a success?


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