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after episode 18 Jelena’s face becomes a meme (15 pictures)

If you’ve watched Attack on Titan season 4 episode 18, you can’t help but notice the face Jenela makes when she looks at Armin. And the latter has already become a meme.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 18. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to read it.

SNK Season 4 Episode 18

The latest episode of Attack on Titan announces big things. Among the things that netizens left their mark on this episode, we can mention Jelena’s face when she looks at Armin. And you will be able to see it, French netizens liked to discuss it on social networks:

Hot for all of us to put Jelena’s head in pp #SNKsaison4Part2 pic.twitter.com/KOWgVCLGon

January 16, 2022

Ptdr, is this your waifu? “Jelena suppremt” oue oue lol pic.twitter.com/ub5i7YTYNa

January 16, 2022

Mikasa would really draw his blade against Jelena pic.twitter.com/VWU2DTrnga

January 17, 2022

I’m crying, what is that face Elena?? #AttackonTitanFinalSeasonpart2 pic.twitter.com/axHEHirgiW

January 16, 2022

But Jelena scared me too much, we don’t look at people like that… #AttackonTitanFinalSeason pic.twitter.com/c8bE7zovaV

January 16, 2022


It’s not a spoiler, but you never know.

January 16, 2022

She is mentally unstable, your Poto Jelena pic.twitter.com/5XEPqK7uXt

January 17, 2022

Already Jelena’s head in the last episode haunts me and besides, who knows why she made me think of Chantal Dubois the whole episode? pic.twitter.com/hfQXLXVu0r

January 17, 2022

Jelena is creepy too, as expected, she really is a nightmare, that woman #AttackonTitanFinalSeason pic.twitter.com/YROdsxF7ul

January 16, 2022

Jelena’s face in the manga had already spawned some memes and these were updated with the anime’s release. Here is a small selection:

It’s Sunday, the new episode is finally here!

It’s Sunday, we still have to wait 7 days for the next one.

My mother says my name twice.
Me with headphones on.

I wonder why my friends stop laughing.

My teacher.

Victory to Eren.

Victory to Reiner.

YELENA HAS THE #AttackonTitanFinalSeason MEM pic.twitter.com/pOoi18UCz0

January 16, 2022

And on this occasion, you should also know that two illustrations of Jelena have been released by MAPPA, the animation studio behind the final season of the anime. The first image is a recreation of one of Hajime Isayama’s most memorable original manga boards, when Yelena suddenly appears over Armin’s shoulder with a fearsome look.

TV『進撃の巨人』The Final Season Part 2


どうぞお楽しみに!#shingeki #MAPPA pic.twitter.com/RgpVPpelmz

January 16, 2022

The second image is from Episode 77 director Dae-Yeol Park and shows Jelena with a much more flattering and friendly expression.

TV アニメ 「の の の 巨人 巨人 の の の 皆 皆 皆 ご ご た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た」 」」 」た」 」」 」」 」」 」皆

Illustration:朴旲烈(作画監督)#shingeki pic.twitter.com/bxOLOM4ZXy

January 16, 2022

In any case, given the events of Episode 18, we can’t wait to see what Season 4 Episode 19 has in store for us. And if you haven’t already, you can take our final personality test to find out which Titan you would have been at SNK.


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