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after Emmanuel Macron, McFly and Carlito are shooting a video with this MCU actor

The two YouTubers McFly and Carlito, around 30, just hit the French Youtube game. Those now famous for their jokes and anecdote contest with President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron have just struck again with an international star of the MCU.

McFly and Carlito: the feat across the Atlantic

David Coscas and Raphaël Carlier, or better known as McFly and Carlito, are among the most well-known Youtubers in France and Navarra. On their Youtube channel, they will soon have 7 million subscribers (vs. 3.65 for Attic Player, which recently launched a gargantuan tirade upon revealing the characters of the next Lord of the Rings series) and if they aren’t particularly popular what the Subscribers are certainly the most well-known in all of France, especially given their outbreaks over the last two years. They are the ones who managed to take part in an anecdote contest with the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

Whether you like them or not, we can only applaud their determination to always do more. And recently they made a new feat, because during the preview of the film Uncharted at the Grand Rex in Paris, viewers had the right to witness a rather unique event in the person of Tom Holland, who came out of nowhere with a small welcome. Amid laughter from the audience, the actor – who plays Nathan Drake in the forthcoming film but also plays Peter Parker in the MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy – pulled out a small piece of paper and began declaiming the following sentence:

“I lost a bet to McFly and Carlito, so listen. McFly and Carlito are the most amazing people I have met in my life. I had a wonderful time with them and I’m not sure I’ll have such an experience again one day. It was a magical moment. Long live them both.”

No no it’s not a rumor… pic.twitter.com/5zct7p32x8

February 12, 2022

A video is coming soon

Actor Tom Holland even chose a seat in the audience after his tirade to watch the first few minutes of the film. As you can see from the tweet above, many viewers were able to enjoy this emotional moment with the actor. And after the session, he even took the opportunity to greet his French fans on the street. As for McFly and Carlito, there is no doubt that very soon a video in collaboration with the actor will appear on their YouTube channel, certainly a contest of anecdotes, as was the case with Emmanuel Macron, where certain promises are rejected can be accepted according to production needs. The existence of this video is beyond doubt given Tom Holland’s promise!

Elsewhere on Twitter, fans are divided over Tom Holland’s surprise appearance in a video by YouTubers McFly and Carlito. If it seems obvious that this is primarily a publicity stunt for the release of Uncharted, the film in which he plays the title role, many are a little upset when they see that the publicity campaign is being run through these two YouTubers, and believe that there is a gap between cinema and YouTube. However, this type of practice is common across the Atlantic, where stars are regularly invited by Youtubers to diversify the advertising campaign of the media in which they appear.


February 12, 2022

Mdrrrr you are all criticizing @levraimcfly @Raphael_Carlier while Tom Holland said he had a good time with you and wishes you long life. It’s crazy that the French still have that shitty mentality of criticizing anyone they disgust

February 12, 2022

Yes the problem is the other two fanatics what

February 12, 2022

Yes, but it is this video that exists.
Why put a grater on it?
Tom Holland (if true) could have preferred a specialized YouTuber.

The video exists, we like it, we watch it, we don’t like it, we move on

February 12, 2022


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