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After the search in the Bundestag office of CSU member Georg Nüßlein on suspicion of corruption, the politician draws conclusions. However, he continues to firmly reject the allegations.

Berlin (dpa) – CSU politician Georg Nüßlein will no longer run for the Bundestag after opening a corruption investigation against him. In addition, he is finally resigning as vice-chairman of the parliamentary group of the Union in the Bundestag, as lawyer Nüßleins announced.

A week ago, the 51-year-old let the office rest for the time being. The Bundestag member’s lawyer again dismissed the allegations.

The Public Prosecution Service in Munich is investigating, among other things, the MP for the initial suspicion of bribery and bribery of elected officials in connection with the purchase of corona breathing equipment. The researchers had therefore searched 13 objects in Germany and Liechtenstein during the past week and seized evidence. The Nüßlein office in the Bundestag was also searched. There is a second suspect in addition to Nüßlein. The Attorney General has not provided further details.

According to Nüßlein’s lawyer, the politician was involved in ordering FFP2 masks from the government through his own consultancy almost a year ago. Nüßlein established “multiple contacts between federal purchasing offices and potential contractors”.

However, he was not involved in decisions on the supply of masks or in contract negotiations. Nor did events affect parliamentary activity as a member of parliament. “The allegations of bribery are therefore firmly rejected,” emphasizes lawyer Gero Himmelsbach.

Immediately after the searches, Nüßlein was initially silent about the allegations. The CSU politician has been a member of the Bundestag since 2002 and deputy chairman of the parliamentary group of the Union since 2014.

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