After Coco, this new enchanted animated film is a hit on the platform

We recently reported that The Mitchell vs. the Machines was the most watched animated film on the platform. Today we report on a new animated film that is a hit on the platform and the name of which is already on everyone’s lips.

A new anime that hits the bull’s eye on Netflix

The new animated film that is currently a hit on Netflix is ​​called Vivo and lets us follow the adventures of Andrés Hernandez and his kinkajou (a species of tree and nocturnal mammal that lives in the rainforest of the Guyanas from Amazonia, Andes and Central America) in the name Baptized “Vivo”. Both make music together in Havana, Cuba. One day after her show, Andrés receives a letter from Marta Sandoval, an old friend of his, who informs him that she is withdrawing from her musical career.

The letter offers Andrés an incredible opportunity: the opportunity to find himself in Miami, Florida and allow him to finally tell Marta how he feels through a song he wrote just for her. Marta invites him to his last concert in Miami, the perfect opportunity for the old musician to present him with his love song (song he wrote before he left for the USA). However, fate will pass there and Vivo will therefore decide to meet Marta with the help of Gabi, Andrés’ great niece.

The origins of the film go back to 2010 when Lin-Manuel introduced Miranda (whom we know in particular because he composed the music for Vaiana: The Legend at the End of the World or for the film The Return of Mary Poppins) an idea film at DreamWorks Animation. Due to a reorganization in 2015, DreamWorks eventually abandoned the project and in 2016 Sony Pictures Animation eventually acquired the project in question under the name Vivo. Given that the animated film was released on the Netflix platform on August 6th and is already very successful on the platform (the film managed to integrate the top 2 trends for films only within 4 days of broadcasting), we can easily tell ourselves that Vivo is a hit in every way, but what is it really? We offer you a quick personal assessment.

What is Vivo Really Worth on Netflix?

If you like animated films that have as much music in it as Coco, then you will undoubtedly like this aspect in Vivo. The latter actually contains no less than 11 different songs, all composed by the famous Lin-Manuel Miranda. Vivo’s lively and enchanted music sequences are certainly the best sequences in this film and bring along the rhythm that one expects from it.

If we concentrate on the basic topic, we have a little déjà vu feeling. The story told to us is above all a love story. Though common, it remains beautiful thanks to its simplicity and clearly plays on our sensitive chord. The characters of Gabi and Vivo are very adorable, by the way. This is an animated film that will not surprise anyone, but it turns out to be an epic that we are happy to be a part of.

To give you a more general idea, on Rotten Tomatoes, 87% of 68 critics gave the film a positive rating with an average rating of 7/10. The film’s critical consensus is, “Vivo offers few surprises, but this beautifully animated adventure is brought to life through the catchy songs of star Lin-Manuel Miranda.” On Metacritic, the film has an average rating of 65/100 so far. On your side, are you planning to watch Vivo on Netflix? We invite you to answer this question in our survey and in our comment section! And if you liked the movie Coco, we recommend that you take our previous quiz to find out if you really know this animated film.

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