After buying a gas station, Amouranth invests $ 7 million in the company


If she approaches five million subscribers on her Twitch account, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has diversified her activities and thus her sources of income. In particular, it has made a habit of investing in different sectors. His latest investment surprised his fans.

Amouranth expands its activities

Immensely popular on Twitch, Amouranth is no longer content with living on the streaming platform in order to make money. First, she can rely on her OnlyFans account, which is by far her largest source of income. She then posts very explicit photos and videos of herself that allow her to exceed the limits set by Twitch and monetize her body with internet users willing to spend impressive sums of money.

But Amouranth has also started investing in various sectors that we don’t necessarily expect. Last year, the influencer bought a gas station and a 7-eleven chain for $ 4 million and $ 10 million, respectively. She later stated that these investments were profitable for her and enabled her to deduct large sums of money from her taxes. Which explains his new madness.

Amouranth and the swimming pools

The love story between the young influencer and swimming pools is not new. On Twitch, the streamer is used to streaming in the undressed state, in which she sunbathes in an inflatable pool, with activities even more exciting than the next … But this time, this story goes one step further, as Amouranth announced it on Twitter She had begun investing $ 7 million over 7 years in a company that made inflatable pool accessories.

If the company concerned is not named, Amouranth still claims to have sales of around $ 15 million per year and to large resellers like Amazon. Over the year 2021, she would have made a profit of 20% from this investment, which she said had been made at low interest rates. She hopes this rate will be maintained for the next six years to ensure some financial comfort.

So, it seems that Amouranth is not done with coming up with malicious (or questionable, it depends) methods of making money.