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after Black Mirror you will be amazed by this new series of thrillers

This Tuesday, the streaming platform revealed the teaser of a new shock series that can be seen in full on the platform. Individual with no story, risking the main character’s personality to be revealed in broad daylight if he is kidnapped and forced to expose himself online.

a person forced to expose themselves through videos

“I abuse women. With 5 million views, I die”. Here are the characters to distinguish in the trailer from the American streaming giant. The idea of ​​the series is to lead us to the real personality of Nick Brewer, the main character. A loving wife, two sons and a beautiful house, everyone smiles at him until he disappears without a trace that day.

His family will then see him again through a video, his face bloody and bruised. His kidnapper exposes him online and forces him to hold signs. His relatives then risk discovering his true personality and the crimes he has committed.

In this engaging series, eight different perspectives offer insightful clues to the perpetrator of a horrific crime catalyzed by social media.

the casting

So who really is Nick Brewer, the main character in the story? It is also Adrian Grenier who embodies her. He is best known for his roles in The Devil Wears Prada and the Entourage series. The protagonist’s sister is played by Zoe Kazan, best known for her roles in The Plot Against America and The Deuce. His wife is played by Betty Gabriel. The two women discover a side of Nick that they have completely ignored. Elizabeth Alexander, Phoenix Raei, Jessie Collins, Abraham Lim, Ian Meadows, Steve Mouzakis and Daniel Henshall complete the cast.

This miniseries is a little reminiscent of the terrifying episode of Black Mirror, shut up and dance. Although clickbait doesn’t mention pedophilia, both characters are forced to do humiliating things under threat of public exposure. The video-on-demand platform offers us a miniseries that shows lies, terrible secrets and family life in a shock thriller in eight episodes.

Clickbait will therefore be available on Netflix from Wednesday, August 25th. The entire series will be available on the first day of release.


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