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After being controversial, the billionaire eventually donated $6 billion

Despite the astronomical size of his tax obligations, Elon Musk keeps a hellish fortune aside. According to Forbes magazine, his fortune is currently estimated at $238 billion. The wealthy businessman intends to support clubs with a worthy cause, as evidenced by this incredible donation.

A very generous donation

Last November, Elon Musk reportedly made a surprise donation to charity. The billionaire is said to have secretly donated 5.04 million Tesla shares to this mysterious charity, which would have equated to a donation of nearly $6 billion at the closing price at which the transaction would have gone through.

It is not yet known to whom the generous businessman would have offered this money. However, it would be a charity if we believe a document from the Security and Exchange Commission. The donation would have been made between November 19th and 29th and would have even been made possible by a foundation.

The transaction is believed to have taken place just as Elon Musk had to sell shares in Tesla to pay his much-discussed taxes on Twitter. According to the Wall Street Journal, the entrepreneur would have sold more than $16 billion worth of stock in the last two months of 2021. He then paid $11 billion in taxes to the American government.

Any hints for the BENEFICIARY of this donation?

Speculations are widespread. Who could Elon Musk have paid this unbelievable sum to? For some there is no doubt that the businessman would have kept his promise to the World Food Program (WFP).

The period would fit. As a reminder, last November David Beasley, WFP Executive Director, called on the world’s richest people to offer them the opportunity to donate 6 billion of their personal wealth.

A dialogue with Elon Musk came about. The billionaire had asked for a statement detailing how his money could benefit the organization. But after this conversation we had not received any new information about the possibility of a possible donation.

So, would Elon Musk have used his immense fortune to fight world hunger? The WFP spokesman declined to answer the question. According to him, donors have a choice “whether or not to disclose their possible donations”. Start a new article about Elon Musk with his Neuralink chip that could kill you.


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