After becoming a meme against his will, he demands an exorbitant sum


You may remember “Spligate” or “The Man in Slip-Ons and the Shovel”, a meme created from a photo taken in 2015 by the France Télévisions team. On November 9, 2015, Jean-Marc Dutouya (who became a meme despite himself) met Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, who accused him of setting bird traps on his land. Allain Bougrain-Dubourg was in the company of the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) activists and the sound quickly became loud between everyone present. During this argument, Jean-Marc Dutouya was filmed scantily clad with a shovel in hand. The image in question has resulted in numerous online kidnappings.

Jean-Marc Dutouya demands compensation

Six years later, Jean-Marc Dutouya seeks compensation, saying he is “deeply angry with France Televisions”. The man demands 200,000 euros for repair costs and also demands that all pictures of him be deleted and blocked for use.

#landes when the Landes see LPO ending up in corn

November 9, 2015

His lawyer claims that Jean-Marc Dutouya lost 9 kilograms and suffered a stroke after this case, and the fact that this picture of him went viral. Jean-Marc Dutouya’s lawyer explains:

If my client got out in that outfit so quickly, it was because some activists molested his 86-year-old mother outside his house … Who wouldn’t go out in their underwear at this hour? Who would take the time to put on a bathrobe?

For his part, France Télévisions takes the view that Jean-Marc Dutouya’s complaint is not based on viable elements, as the man knew that journalists were accompanying the LPO and that he could have taken the time to put on a bathrobe if he wished. France Télévisions also points out that it was a news report and that the journalists simply did their job during the argument. We’ll know more on September 15th when the court delivers its verdict.