After Apple, Google Has Paused All Advertisements in Russia – Here’s the complete details!!

Google has said that it will not show any ads in Russia because of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, and it will not show any ads at all. This applies to ads on search, YouTube, and display, and the change takes effect right now, so don’t wait to start running your ads.

“In light of the unusual situation, we’re stopping Google ads in Russia at this time.” We will keep giving you updates when it’s appropriate, a Google spokesperson said in a statement.

This is a huge move for Google, which relies on advertising to make most of its money around the world. Twitter made a similar move five days ago, but it didn’t say so at the time. “We’re temporarily stopping ads in Ukraine and Russia so that important public safety information is raised and ads don’t interfere with it,” the social media company said.

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Snap Inc., the company that owns Snapchat, made the same move. Twitter is also going to start highlighting tweets from Russian state-affiliated media more on the platform. Google has also used its “sensitive events” policy, which bans marketing that takes advantage of the war, with an exception for ads that are against the war.

RT and Sputnik-linked channels would be blocked on YouTube in Europe as well. YouTube is owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, which also owns YouTube. These are state-owned media in Russia. The move was made because Russia’s state-owned media was spreading false information about the United States. YouTube had already stopped these channels from making money.

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According to Reuters, Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor told Google on Monday to stop showing ads that gave false information about how many people were killed by Russian forces and by Ukrainian civilians.

On Thursday, the regulator told Google to stop showing YouTube ads that had “false political information” about Ukraine that were meant to “misinform the Russian audience,” the Wall Street Journal said. This is what the regulator said. Moscow has in the past fined or cut off access to services that don’t follow its rules. A lot of money was spent by Google last year because of content violations.

RT and Sputnik mobile apps were also banned from Google’s Play store. Google later said that it had done the same thing. There has also been a lot of problems with Google Pay, the company’s payment service, in the country.

However, Google hasn’t blocked it completely in the country. Besides Ukraine, it also cut off live traffic data for that country. Apple did the same thing because people in Ukraine were in danger. Another country where Apple doesn’t sell its products in Russia.


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