after Amytiville this new horror movie will make you shudder


Netflix and the horror movie, that’s a big deal. The streaming platform has recorded some of the currently best films such as Hereditary, The Visit, Midsommar and The Witch in recent years. Today it’s a new film of the genre that occupies the platform’s top 10.

After two and deliver us from evil

But the range of horror films on offer has also been huge for some time, as it is attracting growing interest from subscribers to the most popular streaming platform. It is therefore no longer uncommon for certain films in the genre to dominate the top 10 for several weeks. We recently saw the movie Two, a worthy offshoot of The Human Centipede that had its moment of fame, just like Deliver Us From Evil a month ago.

The new darling of the moment deals neither with a sadistic master of sewing nor with an investigator weakened by exorcism sessions, but with a family isolated from the rest of society in the grip of a fearsome creature. Your name Retired or El Pàramo in Spanish (VO).

Threatened at home

Directed by David Casademunt (for whom it is the first feature film), this Spanish film tells the story of a family who decided to cut themselves off from the world and live in isolation in the mid-19th century. However, their peaceful life is shaken by the arrival of a terrible creature that gradually threatens to break into their home. A classic horror film.

When asked, the director admitted that he was inspired by his personal story that as a teenager he had to live with his father’s illness and learn to live without it. A test that he implements here through the character of the young Asier Flores.

The feature film was presented in the official competition section of the 54th Sitges Film Festival last October and is now among the top 10 on Netflix.