Afghan president leaves country – Taliban in Kabul | free press


Afghan President Ghani has left the country. The Taliban have ordered their fighter to go to Kabul and ensure security in the city.

Kabul (AP) – President Ashraf Ghani has left the country following the advance of the militant Islamist Taliban in Afghanistan. This was confirmed on Sunday by the chairman of the National Council for Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah, in a video message published on Facebook.

The “ex-president” left the country in this situation, and God can hold him accountable, Abdullah said. The people will also condemn him.

Abdullah gave no information about where the president had left the country. Local media reported that he flew to Tajikistan. Abdullah said he wanted the security forces to continue to ensure security in Kabul and asked the Taliban to wait for talks – by which he could mean peace talks – and not come to the city.

The militant Islamist Taliban had captured almost all provincial capitals for the past week and a half. Many had fallen on her without a fight. On Sunday morning (local time), they captured the penultimate city still under government control, Jalalabad in the east of the country. Moments later, Taliban fighters gathered at the gates of the capital Kabul. However, they were initially ordered not to enter the city.

In a further statement that evening, the Taliban said they had received reports that police stations and ministries had been abandoned. The security forces have fled. To avoid looting or harming other people, the Taliban leadership instructed its fighters to enter the areas from which the enemy had fled.

Incumbent Afghan Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirsakwal said in the morning that the city would not be attacked. An agreement had been reached that a change of power would take place peacefully.