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AfD party leader Gauland leaves party congress | Free press

The honorary chairman of the AfD Alexander Gauland has left the party conference in Kalkar because he is not feeling well. On Saturday he had a fight with party leader Jörg Meuthen.

Kalkar (dpa) – The chairman of the AfD parliamentary group, Alexander Gauland, has left the AfD federal party conference in Kalkar, according to party friends. As a member of the party board of the German news agency confirmed, the 79-year-old did not feel well in the morning.

But it is nothing serious. A spokesman said the honorary president had a small vein in the nose. According to information from party circles, Gauland left the site in an ambulance accompanied by two vehicles with Berlin number plates.

On Saturday, the first day of the two-day federal party conference, Gauland had sharply criticized party chairman Jörg Meuthen after attacking Gauland’s choice of words in a speech. Meuthen had said that there was no ‘Corona dictatorship’ in Germany. In a speech in the Bundestag, Gauland spoke of a “Corona dictatorship on revocation”. In an interview in Kalkar, Gauland said that he “didn’t need any censorship from Jörg Meuthen for the faction leadership”.


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