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AfD is pursuing lawsuit against constitutional protection | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – The AfD is looking forward to a lawsuit against the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV). “Should the BfV officially declare the AfD a suspicious case, we will take all legal means against it – and be predictably successful,” said AfD chairman Jörg Meuthen.

“Because the legal and factual requirements that are absolutely necessary for a sighting are simply not available,” Meuthen of the German news agency said Wednesday.

Several media outlets had previously reported that the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution wanted to make a decision over the next week on how to deal with the AfD. Accordingly, the AfD should be declared a right-wing extremist suspect case.

Such a categorization, as well as a classification as certain extremist tendencies, can lead to observation using intelligence tools. The decision was expected in January. According to information from the DPA, a call is scheduled for next Tuesday for heads of constitution protection at the federal and state levels.

“Suspicious case” is a working category of the constitutional protection authorities, which may not mean the same thing depending on the federal state. When the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution – at issue in this case – speaks of a suspicious case, it sees “sufficiently weighty factual evidence” for anti-constitutional efforts. Under strict conditions, the bureau can, for example, observe members or recruit informants in such cases. Eavesdropping of telephone conversations, for example, is also conceivable, but must be approved. The aim is to find out whether the suspicion can be confirmed and whether the group can possibly be classified as proven extremist.

From Meuthen’s point of view, observation of the AfD is not warranted. “Because the AfD is a bourgeois conservative party that stands rock-solid under basic law and the rule of law, and offers absolutely no reason to be suspected of being extremist,” he said in response to a question.

The decision on the classification rests with the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, but the Federal Ministry of the Interior oversees the authority. In such cases, it checks, for example, whether the reasons and evidence for the decision are conclusive.

Within the AfD, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution classified the “wing” established in 2015 by Thuringian regional chief Björn Höcke in the spring of last year as “proven extremist efforts”. This has now been officially resolved. The youth organization Junge Alternative is considered a suspicious case.

The president of the federal bureau, Thomas Haldenwang, had announced the decision on the party as a whole, according to participants at the conference of the federal and state ministers of the interior in December, namely for January. According to the information, Haldenwang informed the ministers of the interior that, given the information available, he would be surprised if the party were not identified as a suspicious case. The influence of the formally disbanded Völkisch Wing in the AfD has increased. This was recently revealed at the federal party conference in Kalkar, North Rhine-Westphalia.


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