AfD continues federal party conference – difficult times for Meuthen | Free press


The debate over the AfD’s program for the federal election shows that the more moderate forces in the party do not have a stable majority. On the second day party leader Meuthen has to tremble again.

Dresden (dpa) – With a clear rejection of the EU and a commitment to the traditions of German military history, the AfD wants to lure in voters.

In their program for the federal elections on September 26, delegates at a party congress in Dresden on Saturday evening added the following passage: “The Bundeswehr should once again cultivate a strong corps spirit, its traditions and German values. The soldier’s virtues are honor, loyalty, companionship, and courage. The Bundeswehr must live up to the best traditions in German military history. They help to manifest soldier-like attitude and virtues – including in public. Military songs and customs are part of it. “

Previously, the participants in the federal party conference had formulated the goal of leaving the EU by majority vote. The accompanying resolution stated: “We consider necessary the departure of Germany from the European Union and the creation of a new European economic and interest community.” Party leader Jörg Meuthen, who is a member of the European Parliament, had spoken out against it. He said, “Politics is the art of the possible.”

The debate on the election manifesto continues today. In addition, it must concern amendments to the articles of association. Among other things, there is a vote on a motion by the state administration of Saxony-Anhalt to limit the term of office. According to this, a member of the federal executive committee should be able to be directly re-elected up to twice in the same party office. For Meuthen, that would mean that he would not run for president again in November.

On Saturday, the AfD decided, among other things, not to determine top candidates for the federal elections. There was only a majority in favor of the proposal to campaign with a top duo. The election of this team of two will not yet take place at the party congress. Instead, the members of the party must decide at a later date. The parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel, who formed the top team in the 2017 federal elections together with Alexander Gauland, left open whether she would commit to it subsequently. However, party leader Tino Chrupalla and Hessian MP Joana Cotar both stated that they were available for it.

In addition, the approximately 570 delegates passed a “Corona resolution”. In it, the party demands to “ refrain from any, even indirect, compulsion to conduct tests, vaccinations, including the introduction of so-called rapid test apps and the green vaccination pass, as well as disadvantages for those exempt from masks. The AfD had been criticized in advance for organizing a presence party conference with hundreds of participants despite the increasing number of infections. Party leader Jörg Meuthen had explicitly defended this.

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