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AfD applies social policy concept | Free press

Kalkar (dpa) – The AfD has added a socio-political concept to its program, closing a pre-existing content gap ahead of the 2021 federal election.

The federal party conference in Kalkar on Saturday passed a corresponding proposal with guidelines on health policy and proposals for stabilizing the pension system. After several hours of debate, nearly 89 percent of the approximately 500 delegates voted in favor of the draft.

Federal Chairman Tino Chrupalla emphasized that the AfD concept succeeds in ensuring that the willingness and dedication that someone brings to the country in decades of work is appropriately rewarded in old age: “We guarantee all people that have worked, an appropriate pension. “

When it comes to pensions, the AfD demands freedom in retirement, the abolition of politicians’ pensions, retirement provision for the self-employed and strengthening of private facilities. To create more “burden justice” between families and the childless, parents should receive $ 20,000 in pension insurance premiums from tax revenues for each child. The demand to limit this to German citizens was not approved.

Health policy guidelines include strengthening statutory and private health insurance schemes, improving outpatient care, lowering VAT on pharmaceuticals and maintaining inpatient medical care in rural areas.

Previously, AfD chairman Jörg Meuthen had urged his party to distance himself from rioters and provocateurs in their own ranks. “What we need most of all is internal party discipline,” he said in a speech, which was also bombarded at the end. Among other things, the party leader criticized the fact that some in the AfD spoke of the “Corona dictatorship”, did not distance themselves from the so-called lateral thinker movement, and used the term “enabling law”.

“It cannot and must not continue like this”, asked Meuthen. “Either we get the curve here, very determined and very quickly. Or we as a party will find ourselves in very, very rough seas in the not-distant future and may fail.

Of the 600 delegates, about 540 came to Kalkar on the Lower Rhine. You must also elect two posts on the federal administration on Sunday. Long-time treasurer Klaus Fohrmann stepped down in January. The member of the federal council of AfD had revoked the membership of the assessor and former head of state of Brandenburg, Andreas Kalbitz.

The party congress met in an exhibition space. The local authorities had strict security requirements. Thus, all delegates had to wear a mask permanently, even when seated. After every 50 minutes, all doors to the hall had to be opened for ventilation for 10 minutes. The city of Kalkar had announced that it would end the party congress if necessary if the conditions were not met.

About 500 people peacefully demonstrated against the right-wing populist rally. The alliance “Stand up against racism” called for the meeting.

Party leader Chrupalla replied to critics of the rally in the middle of the corona pandemic that party attendance conferences were indispensable in party democracy. This requires lively debates. “If we let a virus put us in our place, democracy has already lost its rights.” At the same time, Chrupalla appealed to delegates to adhere to the hygiene concept. “Wear your masks on your seat. Keep your distance. “

Chrupalla criticized the “emergency policies of the federal and state governments” during the Corona crisis. He accused them of wanting to make the exceptional situation normal. “We will not allow the governments on their own to put social and economic life in Germany into a coma.” Existence would be knowingly destroyed, the wave of bankruptcies is already rolling, many people will lose their jobs.

By a large majority, the delegates added a passage on the corona crisis to the main proposal on social policy. In it, the AfD criticizes “the federal government’s panic corona measures.” Among other things, it calls for national measures such as lockdowns and mandatory masking to be replaced as soon as possible with appropriate means for targeted protection of risk groups. All affected areas of the economy and culture must be reopened immediately.

In his contacts with the Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution, which views the now-disbanded “wing” of the AfD as a far-right movement, Chrupalla campaigned for calm: “Believe me, dear friends, we are not constantly improving this situation by ourselves. to accuse. ” Chrupalla sternly opposed unconstitutional ideas in her own ranks. “Anyone who has a problem with the Basic Law has nothing to do with our party.”


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