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Advertising on the Apple Watch SE connected watch with its GPS for more precision

If you missed the previous tip on the Apple Watch Series 6, here’s a new promotion that affects the Apple Watch SE with its GPS. Something that will delight the most athletic or those who use it as a guide.

Apple Watch SE: the benchmark connected watch

Apple has won the hearts of many users who are looking for a true connected watch, and the watch has improved every year. Today we offer you a good plan for the Watch SE GPS.

This is the 40mm model with its space gray aluminum case and sporty silicone strap that is not afraid of sweat. This offers all the functions of the other models, be it the sleep tracker or the heart rate monitor with automatic notification if you have a problem with too high or too low a rate or even an arrhythmia. Thanks to its GPS chip, it can also guide you precisely or simply follow your route during your sports outings.

Of course, it also offers the ability to sync and control your music without having to take out your iPhone, answer your texts and emails, consult your notifications and answer your calls. It’s really very complete and a lot of other brands are inspired by it.

Available from 299 euros in the Apple Store, it currently costs 269 euros, a godsend for anyone looking for one. We also have a great robotic vacuum cleaner for when you’re tired of cleaning up.

3 good reasons to crack

Super OLED display Integrated GPS chip Extensive functionality

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