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Adult thrillers, Robert Downey Jr., Trump Administration, here are the worst movies of the year

As every year, the Oscars crown the best in cinema. Despite a particularly complicated year for the film industry, there was no question about missing out on an edition of the Academy Awards. And if the best is to be rewarded in all circumstances, there is no need to spare the worst.

The 41st presentation of the Razzie Awards (for the Golden Raspberry Awards) therefore took place on the day before the Academy Awards, as has been the tradition since 1981.

Among the nominations there are just as many nanardesque films with questionable morals as very controversial documentaries. Take a look back at the best of the worst American cinema awards of 2021.

As every year, six prizes will be awarded at the ceremony, including:

Worst Film Award Worst Director Award Worst Screenplay Award Worst Supporting Actor Award Worst Supporting Actor Award Worst Supporting Actor Award Worst Screen Duo Award

And the big loser is …

Not only does the ceremony make fun of Hollywood’s worst performances, but it’s also known for regularly causing spikes in American politics. It has therefore happened several times that political actors have been awarded prizes.

This year the ceremony was marked by awards intended to poke fun at the former US administration of Donald Trump.

In this context, the prize for the worst film went to the documentary Absolute Proof by Mike Lindell.

Completely unnoticed in France, the film still talked a lot about the Atlantic. Mike Lindell claimed to prove that the cyber attacks recorded during the American presidential campaign had influenced the elections.

The Razzie for Worst Actor was also given to its director, as Mike Lindell appears in his own film.

Two awards for Borate 2

Another political joke: Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, received the award for worst actor in a supporting role. The one who was also Donald Trump’s former attorney was caught by a hidden camera in Borat 2, whose film Sacha Baron Cohen is the star.

The award for the worst couple on screen was also given to the former mayor … as well as his bow tie! This is obviously a parody reward aimed at making fun of one particularly embarrassing scene from the film, which you can find below:

Two more “awards” for music by Sia

The film Music, directed by singer Sia, also took its place. If it hadn’t benefited from a release in France, the film would have sparked controversy abroad. In fact, the director had decided not to call on an actress with autism to interpret the role of the character suffering from the disorder.

The film received three statuettes in the Worst Director, Worst Actress for Kate Hudson and Worst Supporting Actress for Maddie Ziegler category.

Worst remake and worst case scenario

Dr. Dolittle’s trip with Robert Downey Jr. in the title role has since been named the worst remake. Not a surprising announcement given the critical failure of the film on its release.

Finally, the dramatic-erotic Polish film 365 Days received the Worst Scenario Award. It should be noted that for comedic reasons, the film was nominated in the “Remake” category due to its proximity to 50 Shades of Gray. However, the controversy surrounding the film’s release on Netflix certainly has nothing to do with its current “win”.


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